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COLNAGO Master PIU C Record          Featured Bike! on 08/17/2011

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44cm Cinelli, Cinelli XA

Colnago, C Record Campagnolo

Campagnolo Sheriff Star C Record/ Campagnolo / Vittoria NOS

Campagnolo Sheriff Star C Record/ Campagnolo / Vittoria NOS

C Record Campagnolo/ Campagnolo

Regal Perforated / Super Record Seatpost


Campagnolo Titanium Index 8 speed/ Campagnolo Titanium

C Record Delta Brakes

So, its been quite interesting this last month. I luckily stumbled on the Casati that I posted a couple weeks ago while up in SF. I rarely find any deals on Craigslist and felt great to score such a fine piece. Last weekend while at home in LA, I noticed a Colnago come up for sale via Redondo Beach. I literally could not sleep when the guy shot me photos later that nite after contacting him. (He listed the bike with NO photos). The bike came as you see here, minus the 8 speed index shifters which I had in storage. I put another set of C Record Sheriff Stars that I had for this picture. The pair that came with it is being overhauled as I write this with new tubulars. So I will have my third set if C Record Sheriff Star wheels, which I may post on ebay. Took it to a ride today..It handles like a dream. Hope you guys enjoy this one.


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this bike

Mark Fulwider
Wow! absolutely the finest I can remember.
I have a Master Light I got the same way.
Ebay for 700 shipped. I love master light.
And a Colnago President. Apples and Oranges.
But Colnago, what a joy... and YOURS! I'M
dying over here... dying....



Sweet, sweet, sweet Jeebus.

Sweet, sweet, sweet Jeebus.

just beautiful!

Mark Fulwider
The best comment i can say:

Would you care to sell this bike and how much would you want.
leave me a message on my page. or email me at
[email protected]

very nice

One are you running 8 speed ergopowers with a 6 or 7 speed freewheel? I haven't compared the cog spacing yet, so I imagine it could be the same, just not sure.

The radially-laced sheriff star scares me a bit though. Would feel better if it were 3x.

Runnin 8 Speed in the back..

Hows it going? I have 2 different wheels for the back of this bike.
I have a 8 Speed Titanium Record hub with a SRP Titanium Cassette that I am running right now. I also have another 7 Speed Sheriff Rear hub with 7 Speed Aluminum Freewheel. It works with with either setup. I have changed the front wheel to cross lacing. Radial is too dangerous with these hubs. Not worth the risk in my opinion. I am using the 8 speed rear because the 7 speed alloy freewheel is too damn expensive and don't hold up well...


I'm sure

I'm sure you WERE amazed when you finally saw the photos. Very unusual color scheme, too. Quite the find. Only thing I would change is some white Bike Ribbon bar tape and a move of the rear brake cable to the non-drive side of seat post. Have fun riding that beast.


total sex

total sex

Awesome Build

Nice addition to a serious collection.

You f*cker, you bought that

You f*cker, you bought that shit out from under me. Its OK though, the rear hub was already starting to crack around the outer flange. I have a picture of the very crack if you dont believe me.

Cracked hub?

Sorry bout that dude. I saw it and moved on it. I am missed on some good deals as well. Per the rear hub. We are rebuilding the front with a new Campy hoop right now. Haven't broke down the rear yet. Thanks for the heads up per the crack though. I will inspect it well.






Just love

Colnago Master's. Yours is a delight. I am building up a Olympic master from 94. They are works of art.

Well done.

Kindest regards

I love your bike. It's

I love your bike. It's beautiful.


is the correct word for this rolling artwork.



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