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Colnago Super RestoMod

Bike tags: Road bike | colnago | colnago super | Vintage Colnago
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Columbus SLX/52cm/1984

Ambrosio/Unknown Pantographed Stem

Colnago/Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Campagnolo Record/Vitorio

Campagnolo Record/Vitorio

Campagnolo Super Record

Origin8/Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record/Sram

Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record

Colnago Pantographed Campagnolo Chainring

This started out as a very rough Colnago SLX from from the early 1980's. I repainted the frame myself and sourced all the vintage components from local bike shops, Craigslist and Ebay. The last image is of the bike as I purchased it. The black leather handlebar wrap has been sitting in my toolbox since the late 1970's, waiting for the right bike.

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this looks a million times

this looks a million times better now than it did, even it was mint when you bought it. the green/black is absolutely stunning and the components you chose are perfect. incredible job.

Nice Job

It's amazing what you learn from a project.

Second the nice spray work

You did an excellent job from afar with the paint, especially for spay cans, pulling that magical balancing act of not getting it on too thick, something many pro painters charging money for their craft often botch. You can see the lug relief nicely. Again, hard to pull off. Nice work. On a merely opinion note, if that's a mid 80s Colnago, you should probably opt for the later Campag Super Record second generation RD instead of the first, which was seen on mid 70s bikes. I would also love to see a Concor on that beast. Finish off your pedals with some proper Campag cages and leather straps. Even deserves some Veloflex Master rubber on there; you wont believe the difference in the ride/performance. Alas, dont think SLX was around in the early 80s. I'm thinking this bike is even later then 84, honestly. Are you sure it's SLX? Regardless, nice work and the build comments are just personal opinion. I'd be proud of that job.

Colnago SLX

The right rear dropout is stamped with a serial number and slx. I think the original paint job, with the spiral detail was also used on the SLX framed Colnagos. I am guessing at the year, it could be a 1984 or later. I intentionally went retro with the groupset. I have had bikes from that era over the years and I think the Super Record series is the most appealing of the vintage ones. That rd is sort of the icing on the cake.

yes, 84 or later

If it's SLX, it's definitely an '84 or later. Super Record was of course still around then, so your choice is perfect for this frame. (And thanks for the paint tips.)

Yes...but it's the type of SR

Yeah, I agree that this is probably a later then 84 frame, and if so, could very well be SLX. I think both you guys missed the point on the Super Record. I have an '83 De Rosa and an 83 Colnago, both with Super Record RD. The point I was making is you opted for the FIRST GENERATION Super Record which was really seen on bikes over 10 years earlier, and only briefly before it went to 2nd Generation SR. That First Generation SR would look great on a '75-76 but looks rather strange to have this rather rare RD on a post 84, especially with that color paint. That 1st should be saved for some epic mid 70s high-end build.

Here is a side by side comparison of the 1st and 2nd Generation SR RD below. The Super Record derailleur on the right would be the mate for your FD. This one happens to be on my '83 Colnago Super. The 1st Gen SR is on a 1976 Pogliaghi Italcorse.


- kh

Ha, duh, I didn't even see

Ha, duh, I didn't even see that it was the old one. I should get my reading glasses next time. I'd definitely swap it for the newer black/silver one.

Gorgeous simply Gorgeous.

If your looking for a Colnago Campag gruppo then I know where yiou can get one. Let me know.

Kindest regards


I absolutely adore

I absolutely adore everything thing on this bike with ONE exception, I HATE that leather bar wrap crap. No excuses get cotton.


Irish eyes are smiling.
Steel IS real.
I can't believe this is the same bike. Nice job. Love the RD and chainring. Just beautiful.

well done

Looks like you know how to shoot paint. What system did you use? Bike looks sharp and the component selection is top notch, especially the leather bar wrap (a personal fave of mine).

Colnago Paint

This bike was painted with spray cans. The green is Lime Pearl by Boyd and the clear is catalyst activated Spray Max. The green and the clear were wet sanded with 1500 grit paper and then polished with two grades of Maguiars polishes. You can see the steps here

Excellent! Thanks. The lime

Excellent! Thanks. The lime color was enamel, not lacquer, right? Also, what primer did you use? I am looking at using U-Pol Acid #8 on an old reynolds 531 frame.

I've experimented with lots of different combos which is why I ask...

Colnago Paint

It was the same manufacturer as the clear, Spray Max 2K, also catalyst activated. There is an inner chamber in the spray can. You release the catalyst into the can by pushing a valve on the bottom, of the can. You then have about 24 hours to use the contents, longer if you put the can in the freezer. I purchased the Spray Max at a commercial auto paint store.


Good job. You don't see that color on a nago very often.

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