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1991 (or so) Basso Pursuit Time Trial bike

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Basso Time Trial / 53cm / 1991 or so

3ttt Moscow matched setup / Velo Orange stitched bar wrap

Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Shamal G1 650c / Michelin Pro3

Campagnolo Shamal G1 700c / Michelin Pro3

Campagnolo C-Record / OMAS titanium BB

Campagnolo Athena

Regina superleggera

Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record Delta (5-point)

Long story. This bike started as a cheap CL find (see my Giordana) but I swapped out the frame when this one came along. The Deltas came as a throw-in on another deal, and the Bora came from a guy in Austria.

All original finishes - the frame needed a good compounding and waxing but now looks pretty sharp. A tiny bit of touchup paint here and there too. I had a little fun with the rear cable housing, hitting it with some black spray paint to match the paint fade on the frame.

I did one other sneaky thing: machined the Athena headset stack height down about 3mm so I could get some thread engagement for the lock nut (the steer tube as received was too short for Campy). Wouldn't pull that trick on C-Record, but Athena, what the hell.

Rephotographed with recently acquired matching G1 Shamals.

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Daaaang. Such a slick ride.

Going to race this tonight @

Going to race this tonight @ CBTT. We'll see how it does compared to a modern beast.

Best time modern TT bike (16.5 lbs, no disc wheel): 25:26
Basso time (20.5 lbs, also no disc wheel): 25:56

Not bad. I sold the Bora and used a Shamal which felt much more responsive.

Very nice!

I like this set-up! Especially that rear Campy wheel. Yes this is banned by the UCI but not by USA Cycling EXCEPT in National events. Here is the rule you are talking about. 1M1(e)Bicycles must meet current UCI technical regulations at
events that select 17-18, U23 and elite riders for international
competition or national teams. All bicycles used in National
Championships (for age 17 and older riders) and NRC races
must comply with the current UCI regulation.

I race my Tommasini at USA Cycling events and have not had a problem. I even wrote the head of officiating and he told me it was fine to run a bike like this at any event that does not fall into the above category. I do however keep a copy of the email he sent me and a copy of this rule on me when going to the races. Nice build!

Thanks Mateo! I'm going to

Thanks Mateo! I'm going to use it next week for the season finale. Very curious how it compares to my (relatively) modern TT bike.

The Bora is a neat wheel, and looks so pretty, but when actually riding it I prefer the more solid feel of my C-Record Shamal.

great assembling

Terrific bike, terrific components, especially the chain with holed pins, the leather wrap and the rear mech with adjustable ball bearings pulley.
The spray paint on yellow rear housing is a master's touch!
I'll copy your idea!!

Thanks! Please do.

Thanks! Please do.

20 years old?

Wow. Just...WOW. Has this thing been ridden at all in the last 20 years?

Nope! The guy I bought the

Nope! The guy I bought the frame from said it was a dust collector in his office for the last 15 years.


Super bike porn!


This I find so refreshing in these days of heavy carbon TT frames.
Well done.

Kindest regards


Thanks so much

Thanks so much. I still think your gorgeous De Rosa TT has the edge though!


Many thanks. I think both are equally classic.

Kindest regards

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