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CASATI MONZA Cronox Cromo Pantographed

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3ttt, 3ttt

Casati, Super Record Campagnolo

Campagnolo Sheriff Star C Record/ Campagnolo

Campagnolo Sheriff Star C Record/ Campagnolo

Super Record, Super Record

Cinelli SLX Volare, Super Record Pantographed

Super Record, Super Record

Campagnolo SR Panto, Campagnolo SR Panto

This is the latest piece in the collection. I was up in SF a couple weeks ago and saw this via local Craigslist. I have always had a fondness for Casati frames. The downtube shifters, with their internal cables are something I have never seen before. This bike is also very light. The tubing is some form of Reynolds. For the most part I wanted a vintage piece that can be ridden without worry of a scuff here or there. I may lightly restore by touching up here or there.

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Nice frame and set-up, but

Nice frame and set-up, but odd with 32h back and 35h front. Be careful with that beautiful cromovelato paint job, it tends to be rather fragile.

Wheel Change

I took your recommendation and popped on a set of 32h front and back clincher Sheriff Stars...


The paint has a few issues with chips here and there. I think I will leave it as is and just enjoy it. The rims have been changed to 32 hole sheriff stars with clincher campy hoops. I will post new pics in the next week of my new set of wheels. These are now on the Colnago.


Look at that, beautiful!

Look at that, beautiful!

Wow! Zephyrus...



Absolutely Stunning


I wonder how I missed this on SFCL?

Anyway, I'm adding it to the A pretty penny cluster.

Route Internally?

This sounds awesome. Do you think I should get new hoods? If so, what type? I would think aero type hoods to fit super record brakes might be hard to find. The wheels are being relaced by my mechanic and reglued. The radial lacing is odd, I will agree. Also, per bottle cage. I am looking for a semi aero vintage type. Do you know of anything, that might fit this description. I just noticed the rear seat stays and lower stays are aero type. Seems to be machined in this shape after the fact by the factory.


Aero seatstays?

You mean the concave caps at the seat cluster end? That's a fairly standard treatment for seatstays by a lot of high-end Italian framemakers; Masi and Colnago both did that. It's done by cutting the seatstay tube at an angle, then brazing a piece of tubing wall in to fill the hole, then a little filling and filing to make it pretty.

Hoods - there's a guy in Southern California who makes repro Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Super Record hoods in gum and black - a pair for one, and less if you order three or more sets. He's a regular on the classic rendezvous mailing list.

You could go full aero with the brake cables, and route the whole mess internally; but you'd have to change to a brake lever that's later than the Super Records you have now. Given that I'm a retro-fascist, and the bike is all SR, I probably wouldn't do it. But if you insist, I suggest sticking with the Campagnolo aero levers that are closest to the bike's time period: C-Record era levers, which have a fiddly little bracket inside the lever to route the cable straight back through the body to the handlebar. Watch out, though: Those brackets will fall out when there's no cable tension on them, and they're hard to find.

Aero water bottle/cage: Campy, of course. The Campy aero bottle isn't much wider than the downtube. I think Reg also made a bottle like that.

Rear Stays...

Check out the pic I put of of the rear stays. I am not sure if you can see how they taper towards the dropouts...


I think I see what you mean

They're thicker at the seat cluster end, and taper down towards the dropouts. I would think that makes the frame more flexy?

I'd guess that seatstays like that aren't too unusual among high-end builders, but there would be a lot of handwork in putting the frame together. Columbus would have done the tapering when the tubing was manufactured, rather than the framemaker changing standard tubing to taper it. If Columbus made tapered stay tubing, they must have sold it to any builder who asked.

A lot of older '40s-'60s English race frames have unusual chain/seatstays. Hetchins had these wavy chainstays, with a few dips in the run. I'm sure they made the ride a lot less stiff, but they look great. Gillot did extremely thin seatstays ("pencil" stays), and several other marques used thinner stays than the standard.

Good find!

Whenever i'm in a bigger city than portlandia I need to search CL good idea!

the shifter cables...

...are internally routed? can you throw up more pics of that? or message them to me?


I just added a close up of the shifters. This is the first time I have seen these type of shifters. I recently came across a Freschi, while doing a google search for similar downtube shifters. Coincidentally the Freschi was a cromo model as well.



Just perfect. I'm normally OK with touch-up, if done well. But in this case, it appears the finish is transparent pigment over chrome which I've found is nearly impossible to touch-up well.

IMHO, I'd put those Sheriff Stars in some bubble wrap until a C-Record bike comes along to use them with. Or sell them when the kids are ready for college! Nice Record wheels (NR/SR style) laced to Mavic rims are everywhere, and can be had for about cheap in good used condition. Lastly, I wouldn't trust radial lacing on sheriff stars for road use - I'd relace the front 3x to better distribute tension on the flange.

Sheriff Stars

Thanks for the comment on the front wheel. I am going to relace the front wheel. I recently spoke to a local mechanic here in LA. He suggested the same. I have a couple sets of of these C Record Sheriff star wheels. If you look on my page, my Ciocc is also sporting a set. They are my favorite hubs of all time.


Updated photos look great!

Updated photos look great! Glad you relaced the front wheel 3x.


To see a well cared for and classic road machine.


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