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Pogliaghi Italcorse, RECORD COMPETIZIONE "Silwerwood" - 1976, D727

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Pogliaghi - Reynolds 531 / 58 cm c-t / 1976

Cinelli / Cinelli 1R (old milano logos)

Reynolds 531 / Campagnolo Super Record

... / Continental Sprinter (Gator Skin)

122 mm axle - 5 Speed... / Continental Sprinter (Gator Skin)

Campa. Super Record (Mexico Version) / Campa. Super Record

Georges Sorel / Campa. Super Record 1st gen.

Super Record / Regina Record

Campa. / Campa. Super Record 1st gen.

both Campa. Record (Levers drilled)

5 Speed/ (53 / 42)

...frame details - Underneath of the bottom bracket the name of the first Owner "Silwerwood" is engraved. He ordered (in the late 1975) and bought (1976) the frame in Italy, Milan (Milano), Arco della Pace. It was manufactured by Sante for his own measures 58 X 56. He took delivery of the frame on june 12th 1976 and took it by train to Marseille . She entered France on 13th June 1976, he made competitions with her for 3 years. He let her be resprayed in 1992 when the internal routing for the rear break cable was added.
He gave her in 2009 to a young cyclist �Guillaume� for his training and to support his ambitions to become a professional Cyclist. By him or his father She was sold in 2010 to a bike shop in Marseille. They took her apart and the frame was sold in 2010.
I bought the frame and reassembled the frame with some period correct and some original equipment as stated by Mr. J. Silverwood in 2013. Gladly he confirmed that the decal set is the same as used by Sante Pogliaghi in 1976... Z. (2014)

1976 - Compare the Serial No. D727 (10727) with the Pogliaghi serial number Registry...

It has a super short top tube (seat tube 58 cm c-t; top tube 56 cm c-c) and a extra-long stem (120mm). Supports smooth handling/steering. Light as a feather, stiff as a board, rides like the devil. The pictures don't do justice to the paint job.(BEST MATCH pic. 3)


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Quite the looker! I bet it's

Quite the looker! I bet it's a hell of a ride. Most my bikes have 56 cm toptube, it's my favorite! What kind of hubs are those? Not Shimano, right? On such an Italian piece of art...


The bike is in a class of it's own.
Love to compete with state of the art carbon fiber bikes.

The Hubs are made by Spidel (Maillard 700 HF) build with roll bearings having cylindrical rollers disposed perpendicularly between inner and outer rings. Riding this hubs is like rolling on a railroad.


One of the most unusual Pogliaghi's Ive seen

GREAT FIND! Sounds like you got an insane deal. That beast is amazing and perhaps the most extravagant paint job I have ever seen on ANY Pogliaghi, making me think a detailed repaint possibly when he went with internal routing (I too have never seen a single Pog with internal routing). Looks like a new Reynolds sticker. I have Pogliaghi Italcorse #D346 in Columbus steel which Peter Kohler thinks was done at early as 73 but I'm thinking 74. Peter claims proof via a German shop's receipt with other bikes in this area. Dale's CR directory is all over the place, with some inconsistencies. Sadly, the original owner of D346 did a repaint when he decided to add some braze-ons. Appears Sante's shop was still not building a huge number of bikes even then. One thing you notice about the Pogs in this time frame is the double lug cutouts, although the slightly earlier bikes in the 10,000 range have diamonds on the side with the heartish shape on top. I also think the lugs are much more refined in this era, quite a bit thinner then the earlier samples. I always wanted to somehow track down who did the work on the lugs at this time.

How does she ride/handle compared to your others? It's a lower BB then many of mine. Sadly pt II is mine is still hanging on wall, not built.

That beast...

...she is - as written above - one of the bests bikes I have ever ridden. - compare notes - added a rating


I feel like

I just visited a museum. Oh I did!

thx - but there are not enough bikes...




Those sites are great. I have known about them for some time now. Velostuf is cool also.


Cable through top tube...what???? I didn't know anyone did this back in the 70s. Where did you get it? This looks like it would have cost thousands of dollars in today's currency.


A miracle - found for small money - Zephyrus...

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