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GT GTB / 54 / Late 90's

Syntace Stratos / Thomson X2

Carbon Kinesis / Chris King Sotto Voce

Dura-Ace 7600 / Mavic Open Pro

Dura-Ace 7600 / Mavic Open Pro

Sugino 75 / Sugino 75

Fizik Arione / Thomson Elite

Look Keo 2 Max Carbon / Izumi V Super Toughness


48 x 17 / Sugino Zen / EAI Deluxe

The new everyday bike.
My dogs invaded the pictures.

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Great looking GT! Check mine

Great looking GT!
Check mine out

Great build! Looks amazing!

Great build! Looks amazing!


Thank you :)

Damn, Looks just like mine

Damn, Looks just like mine with a couple tweaks. Which means it looks great!


Thanks man, appreciate it !

You sure it's not a

You sure it's not a Kinesis/Pulse? Is it stamped USA under the bottom bracket?

Not that I saw when I

Not that I saw when I checked right now. But the welds are really boogery, and the original fork didn't come with it, so it's hard for me to determine. But I had thought the same thing when I first saw it.


yeah man, GTB frames came with a GTB logo on the TT.. the Pulse came with nothing on the TT.. your bike is kind of suspect, maybe it just had a paint job... what's your name on LAF? we should have a GT track ride in LA :D

My name's Ajrico323 on

My name's Ajrico323 on LAfixed, but a GT ride does sound awesome!

im also thinking its had a

im also thinking its had a paintjob because the logo isnt really set right in the middle of the downtube like others. either way...
love it. and +1 on the GT ride :P


Thanks for that dude, I didn't even realize the positioning of the GT logo until you mentioned it. I think I'll txt the guy I bought it from and see what else I can find out about the frame.

room for a San Diego GT?

i dig this GT - it's so clean and lean.
let me know when and where and i'll do my best to meet you guys... if thats cool?

Always room for more GT's

Happen to be riding this bad boy to San Diego from LA on August 13.
My first trip to San Diego on a bike

LA to San Diego on the GTB Express Line

Man you are hardcore my friend. I've been in a few road races just shy of the century mark but I've never ridden more than 35 miles on a fixed gear.

I live in a beach town called Imperial Beach about 8-miles north of the boarder (I'm addicted to surfing). My girlfriend can drop me off up in northern San Diego to meet you. Let me know when you plan on reaching Oceanside. ----Jerry

PM your number

PM your number, I'll let you know more details as soon as the lead shows me the route.

gt love!

always room for another gt!
this is gonna get complicated to organize though.
and good luck, aj! isnt that about a centurys worth of riding?

OC to SD

Is about a century depending on the route, so I imagine LA to SD is 120+ sounds fun though.


You are correct sir. But the route we have so far is clocked in at 130 since we're heading to downtown SD


Who is hosting the ride? Mostly fixed, mixed? I rode orange circle to DT SD, very special ride.. Maybe I can meet you guys when you roll through OC?

Of course

pm your email so I can send the route and contact info.
But the ride is mostly fixed with some road and hosted by a friend of mine

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