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Uber 80's Bridgestone

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54.5 bridgestone track frame from the mid eighties with a white and pink paint job, old shimano outs front and rear

old nitto pearl road stem with nitto b125 track drops 42 wide

hatta swan super delux headset and sweet crowned bridgestone fork

pictured- unknown garbage... also dura-ace 7600 high flange to black araya tubular rim

pictured suzue fix/fix to some black rim... also same as front on rear

sugino 75 165's and sugino 75 bb

cheapo post and fake perforated leather saddle- hurts my ass

mks platrorms and mks track

18/15t dura-ace to 49t sugino 75

this thing has been ridden, which is what its for... its also been in a confrontation with a explorer which is why this wheelset is on it, the other is being rebuilt. the frame survived the crash with minor pain damage and its as quick and pink as ever. i love it and ride as much as i can, but im always on the look out for a samson track frame if anyone has one to spare- hah -oh and i just got those mks hex head chain tensioners and they rock so much- highly reccomended.

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added you to the bridgestone

added you to the bridgestone cluster

in passing

saw you zipping around but i was on foot - how i would've loved to have given chase [though i may not have caught you]

disappearing act

it seems that i used to see you everywhere, but since school got out i havent seen you once... anyway if your still around i hope to see you soon, and maybe ill be on my new bike (i'll let it be a suprise)

i've heard of your new ride...

it's been FAR too long, darlin'

i'm always a disappearing act, or haven't you heard? i am the enigmatic, ever fleeting, ethereal creature.

but this creature would love to see you [and your ridiculous new stache/facial hair getup].

i'm PM'ing you with e.mail and phone. i will expect your people to contact my people.

I love the 80's theme

I vote this bike, best pink bike ever.

I love this paintjob

It looks like me if I take my shirt off in the sun for more than four minutes.

huzzah for it all

uber 80's does a hell of a track stand without you [there goes your street cred]

i hope it doesn't mind drag kings because my bicycle wants to go for a ride with your bicycle [and what s/he wants, i must only relent to]

falling off the face of the earth

my bike misses his/her stalker

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