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Cervelo P3C Track 56

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Cervelo P3C Track 56

Easton EC90 Pro 40cm/ 3T ARX 70mm


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What clearance issues did

What clearance issues did you have? Is it track only? Plz tell me you ride it on the street its the same fame and the time trial bike so no wrong in ridding it in the street it seems that it is for the street jugging the gear and the place of the pic.


The chain stays are pretty beefy. I thought that a set of Omniums would fit cause there seems to be no issues on the T1 with them. Wrong the spiders were about 3mm too thick and wouldn't clear the stays. Even with the campy set you can't slide a sheet of paper towel between the spider and stays. I also didn't realize the ends of the easton drops were textured like skateboard griptape. Usually not an issue but when they contact the frame it's the down tube they hit.

Oh I see.

Do you think some suginos or FSA better on that frame space wise and is it for the street.

Umm Not Sure

It's only a spider thickness issue with the Omniums and the OEM GXP BB. Cervelo uses Campy on their site. Dura Ace is used on this frame and I've also seen the new Miche's used. Not sure about the others.
And yes so far it's ridden on the street.

YES!!! It's a street ride I

YES!!! It's a street ride I don't see why ppl should be nagging and far as the ride is it stiff or does the carbon asorb some vibration.

This bike is made for

This bike is made for massive track sprinters pushing 2,000+ watts during sprints. This frame is made to have ZERO flex. The carbon layup and frame design is not build like your typical carbon road bike which DOES absorb vibration. This bike is pretty much as stiff and harsh as they come.

Ya I was trying to see if be

Ya I was trying to see if be cause the frame was made for track racing it is super stiff and was basically trying to see if because its so stiff would it still absorb some vibration but then remembered if something is stiff as hell it's probaly harsh as hell.

Everyone's Said That...

I really don't notice any reduced road vibes.... I think this frame is as stiff or stiffer than my Trek T1. I would assume it has to be just because of the clearance tolerances.

You problay can't tell the

You problay can't tell the difference of stiffness on the street and dam that's a big step up from the trek

Yeah it's a big step up from

Yeah it's a big step up from the Trek. Although the Trek had a ton of R&D in it and the frame was all hydroformed aluminum. Not to mention it was one of the last WI handbuilt frames. Apparently some of the Tech was used on a couple stage specific frames for LA during a couple tours. I've only ridden a couple Track specific frames. I don't consider the MASH Cinelli one of them. However the Vigorelli wasn't near as stiff as the Trek. Mind you since I can't push the thing like its supposed to be ridden. However it doesn't take a genius to figure out your losing fillings and bleeding from the kidneys because of the harshness. I rode the other day just shy of 100km with a local road crew and with the vibration couldn't feel my hands or feet by the end of it. & I loved every Km of it.

Ya I wouldnt use a mash on

Ya I wouldnt use a mash on the track or the street cuz there's way better bikes for the price of they mash and wow a track 15 min away you lucky sir. The nearest track to my house is 2 hours is your super lucky,2 hours 30 min on a normal day with no traffic and 3+ hours if theres traffic which is most of the time. Also I don't think any of those aluminum frames in the 0 to like 00 from the big brands like cineli bianchi fuji to be good for the track.

You should really start racing with this bike. It only makes sense to actually make good use of it. A couple hour drive is what most of us in the states have to commute to our local velodrome as well.


It was/is the plan. I guy I work with is a local road coach who trains future nationals riders. He's on a board that is in the final stages of building a track like 15min from here. I'm trying to rehab a knee injury in the mean time. Your from the NE so you know the seasons are incredibly short so it might just see the street this season.

Can't afford a real

Can't afford a real camera... because your riding a bloody Cervelo P3 as a street fixie!


Yeah I guess my sarcasm didn't translate too well over the net.

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