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Chinese Monocycle

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Chinese mild steel

Straight steel MTB bars 2 steel stems


7 foot cast aluminium rim with a real tire and tube. With some funky kind of valve stem?

3 scooter wheels and a drive wheel with an inturnal freewheel.

2 half shaft cranks each with there own sproket.

Comphy Leather Cruiser Saddle/ 2 inch Steel tube welded to the frame is the seatpost.

Beach cruiser pedals and 2 no flex industrial chains.

I never counted the teeth on any of the 4 sprokets. It is a low gear slow cruising speed.

This thing weighs approximately 80lbs, has no good working brakes. The 1 that came with it was crap. So I took it off. It is of typical low Chinese quality. It takes a while to master and sucks on hills. It is not very maneuverable. But it sure looks cool! Once you ride it you realize why the basic design of the bicycle hasn't changed in over one hundred years. LOL

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ive been searching around for one of these, and so far it looks like i can only get it if i go to china. i keep coming across the motorized ones but i like the chinese one where u have to pedal. where did you get it and how can i do so? i read theyre about 350 us dollars. is that true?

purchasing here

There is a new version, have a look at

Chinese Monocycle

Sorry for the delay. I travel for a living. They cost aprox 00 and about the same to ship and are not worth it. Unless it's a tax deduction and you use it in a show. I just got the new version and will try to post it soon.

Live Free and Ride Hard!

Chinese Monocycle, thought you designed this yourself?

Hello Mr.Pedalsworth;

Wow what a contraption, huh? As skilled as you are in over 20 years of riding I bet you make it look fun and easy to ride? Thanks for the tip on Looking up your web page, still going strong, after all this time, keep up your good sprit and work.

Old Bike Fan 98

Say hello to Friends and Family...Hope next year is Better yet.


Uh... lolwut?

-Sean Scandalous

Chinese Monocycle

Is this monocycle still available for purchuse? Where? How much?

How do you turn on that

How do you turn on that thing? just lean into the turn?


Yes. While it's a little harder than "just leaning", that's the basic idea.

Live Free and Ride Hard!

tire size?

uh, what size tire is that?

Tire size

Huge X 1.50

Live Free and Ride Hard!


Did u come up on that.


UMMMMMMMM,,,Is that a question? HELLLOOOOO!!!!!!!! WTF!
Live Free and Ride Hard!

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