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2010 BIANCHI SUPER PISTA - N. Lake Tahoe

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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2010 Bianchi Super Pista

Deda Pista // Thomson

Bianchi // Cane Creek

H plus Son // All city // Vittoria Rubino

H plus Son // All city // Vittoria Rando

Campagnolo Record Pista // Campagnolo Record Pista

San Marco Zoncolan // Thomson

MKS // Izumi

Campy Pista Chain Ring // EAI Cog // 49:16

Just moved from Tahoe to Nashville

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super clean build. definitely the best black pista i've seen. hard to keep that celeste tape clean though. check mine out

how much do you want for the wheels?


thanks a lot, man. yea, the tape is pretty gross. bars are wrapped in black leather now. pm'd you

Really nice Super Pista

Really nice Super Pista build, super clean.


How do you like the bars gonna get some drops for my bike and have no cule which ones to go with?


love em. there are definitely more comfortable bars out there, but i prefer a deep track drop

Thanks it's either the Dedas

Thanks it's either the Dedas or some Easton ec90 tracks but I will have to get a new stem for thoses or keep my thomson stem and get some nittos.

maybe the first clean super

maybe the first clean super pista I've seen


Thanks brotha!


Liking the look of this bike.
Nice photos too.


Means a lot!

Stealthy bike! Dont you

Stealthy bike! Dont you find that running randos make you go slower?

Dont you think that with a

Dont you think that with a black crankset it would look super stealthy ?
i think he sorts needs the randos since he in tahoe maybe its the roads or something


campy record > 'stealthy'

derp a derp

campy record or stealthy black sugino 75 I would go with the suginos on this build
Dont think I hate campy I wouldn't choose anything but campy for a road bike just not as big of a fan of there track parts except the pista wheels!!!


I guess, to each his own!

italia! for this build

Campy FTW!!


Exactly right Tracker, they help a lot with all the dirt on the roads here. Long road rides I switch rubber.

is that what is usually a

is that what is usually a ski run ( I am not sure if thats what there called) in the background of the first pic? never been to tahoe in the summer, only in the winter, and now i only want to go more! great bike hows the frame?


Yup, thats Diamond Peak in the back ground. its the mtn in Incline Village, NE shore.

The frame is wonderful. Definitely going to keep this around as the everyday for a while. Steel next.

If you ever make it out any season other than winter, lets ride!

Ha im gonna get steel next

Ha im gonna get steel next too. I want to go mtb in tahoe so i might make it before the snow comes in and I might as well take my fixed gear to.

nice bike!! i was wondering

nice bike!! i was wondering where did you get those Saglife Turquoise straps.. i been looking everywhere for those


Thanks so much!!! Unfortunately I picked them up about a year ago from Chari & Co. Search for the color teal..

There is a new pair for sale w/ pedals in texas right now -->

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