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Full carbon Fixie

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Custom Carbon fiber/54

easton EC90 Carbon Track Stem, Drop Handlebars.

Hed 3 Tubular 700C. Continental Sprinters

Cane Creek 85MM Carbon Track BLACK 700c Tubular. Continental Sprinters

FSA carbon track crankset (165mm crank arms, 49t)

Selle san marco Aspide superleggera full carbon saddle


Full Carbon Fiber Track

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chinese knock off, carbon fiber frame, with knockoff 88mm carbon fiber chinese back wheel thats not a canecreek.


What brand is this frame and where did it come from? Good quality or cheap Chinese knock-off? The shape looks familiar, can't place it at the moment but I'm sure I've seen it around before...

planet x

planet x

eBay frame from China. I

eBay frame from China. I know someone who uses this frame on the Velodrome daily



Fix that saddle angle your

Fix that saddle angle your saddle is prob too high if you are tilting it.
Your trispoke is on backwards

just saw this on craigslist

just saw this on craigslist the other day. is this one of those chinese carbon frames on ebay?

Holy carbon. That is

Holy carbon. That is impressive. What do you do with this bike? Overall weight? Pretty impressive...

just for speed

i just keep this at my house and just take it out and ride fast in the trails and its little under 10 lbs

pull the other one

the frame and fork weigh almost 6 lbs... 'splain to me how you got to 10?


my aluminum frame and fork weighs 3.6lbs how does this way more??
i'm sure the frame and fork on this one is under 4 lbs
Nice ride by the way!


A colleague built up one of the TT frames, identical except for dropouts, cable stops, brake holes. Maybe hers was just an overweight example. Maybe the manufacturer/dealer claims are optimistic.

For the sake of argument, let's say this one actually hits the manufacturer's spec, which is almost 5 lbs for the frame/fork/seatpost. You're looking at a little more than 5 lbs of wheels and tires. That's 10 right there. Add cranks, bb, pedals, chain, cog, bar, stem, saddle, grease... I say 15 as it sits.

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