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2011 Cinelli Vigorelli

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Cinelli Vigorelli | 54cm | 2011

Deda Pista | Deda Zero 100

Velocity A23 | Paul

Velocity Deep V | Paul

Sugino 75 | Phil Wood

Brooks Swift | Easton EC70

MKS GR-9 | Izumi


This will be my everyday commuter so the saddle is staying since its conformed to my seat bones nicely.

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yes keep your saddle!!!!i

yes keep your saddle!!!!i can see if its a brooks b17 then yeah! come on now people its a SWIFT not a B17. A sporty for a sporty frame.
Throw on that white riser bar if your gonna go with b43...youll actually feel how stiff they really are when bombing a hill. AND IT FEELS GOOD!!! They are a bit on the heavy side but then again you do have an aluminum frame so what difference will it make.

lol riser bars

lol riser bars

For beer runs!

For beer runs!

made me lol

"Throw on that white riser bar if your gonna go with b43...youll actually feel how stiff they really are"

I think some light low profile rims would look awesome perhaps Velocity Aero or Mavic Open pro

Good call on low profiles.

Good call on low profiles. I went utility with this one though. Pauls laced to a V rear, with an A23 on the front.

I suppose it depends on your

I suppose it depends on your desired aesthetic of your bike. I would go for more "race" looking wheels on that bike, and I'd definitely lose the saddle. It's a relaxed look on a fast bike. Get some black wheels, or carbon. White will take away a lot from it. :\

Black Open Pro's to Dura Ace

Black Open Pro's to Dura Ace

Im reaaaally thinking about

Im reaaaally thinking about getting OPs, I'd still like to stick with sealed bearing hubs on this one.

Don't go with the B43s or a

Don't go with the B43s or a velocity rim in fact the white Ind hubs are great maybe some Mavic rims or h+son Althou I think an ellipse wheelset would look so nice with that frame and they are very good wheels and very durable.
Hope that helps.

I'd say ellipse too. Or

I'd say ellipse too. Or maybe even some Record to Open pro. Depends on your budget, really. Please change the saddle!!

I am not a fan of H plus

I am not a fan of H plus Sons. I have heard mixed reviews and the ones I tried were not great or particularly stiff. I don't want to get Ellipses, mostly because I want to lace something up to the White Ind hubs, but also Mavic's hub quality has been suspect to me the last few years. I have had only good experiences with Velocity, but haven't tried anything deeper than Vs aside from riding on a friends B43s around the block. I'm just wondering if anyone has had bad experiences with B43s.

As for the saddle, its staying. It's conformed to me and I actually kind of like the way it looks. Its not like this is an old NOS Italian beauty, its a new aluminum frame. Going a liiitle more utilitarian with this one.

Hope I didn't sound defensive and thanks for the suggestions.

I love my B43's

They can go thru anything!Ive been using B43's for a couple years now and Ive never had any problems. Hella stiff!! to me its very important to have tough rims when skidding side wayz or tail whipping skids. hopping of curbs...etc if Ur not into that i would look for something lighter! also!they are great if u live in pothole infested area as well

opposite experience for me

i havent had good experience with any of velocity rims but have with h+son and very good experience with all of mavics products. That probably didn't make your choice easier but trust me mavic makes fantastic products.

Please Discribe

Did it crack or bend or??? what happened?? i would like to know for future reference.cause i put all of mine thru hell and back

They didn't stay true for

They didn't stay true for long I had to get them trued quite often and one rim did bend a bit but I know ppl who have had good experiences so i don't know if I was just unfortunate which I probably was

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