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1998 Ibis Spanky

Bike tags: Road bike | Commuter | 3ttt | 7700 | dura ace | more tags >>
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Ibis Spanky / 58 / '98

FSA anatomic drop bars / 3ttt stem

Edge Carbon / Chris King 2-nut

Velocity Aerohead / Halo Twin Rail Courier 700c x 24

Velocity Aerohead / Halo Twin Rail Courier 700c x 24

Dura Ace 7700 (175's) / Dura Ace 7700

Selle Italia / Campagnolo seatpost

MKS / Shimano

Shimano 105 "brifters" / Dura Ace 7700 f/r

Dura Ace 7700 / Shimano 105 "brifters"

54t Shimano chainring x 11t-26t SRAM 10-spd casette


I am the 2nd owner of this hand-welded beauty. The 1st owner raced semi-pro in Nor-Cal & NM on this bike.

This bike is very very fun to ride.

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i like the build, speed like

i like the build, speed like a mofo and be comfy at the same time

This bad boy

is tuff!! Definitely could see owning one of these one day(if I could find one :P)


I was lucky to find one of the later Sebastapol, CA made ones.

I need to get updated pis of

I need to get updated pis of mine. DA dt shifters and Sram levers


YEAH! :)

So, I've decided to Campy

So, I've decided to Campy out my Spanky, I'm just getting tired of the Ultegra shifters. I posted in "the room", but here's a recap

What I have:
Campagnolo Record Ti 9s shifters
Campagnolo Record/Mavic OP rear wheel
Campagnolo Daytona(I know, I know) RD
Campagnolo 9s cassette(Don't know the model, but it'll get the job done)
Campagnolo braze-on FD(semi rough condition and model unknown, but again, it'll do)

Christmas gift from my girlfriend/quixoticle:
Campagnolo Chorus Crankset
Campagnolo Chours BB

What I need:
Campagnolo Brakes

I think I'm gonna stick with the Shimano 600 hs until I can get a silver CK

Campagnolo goodness

I will go by and check it out, hoping you have pics by the time I get this! :) As for my Spanky, I just got the last piece in my collecting of a Dura Ace 7700 component group. Minus the brifters, I used 7700 down-tube shifters and shimano cross-top type brake levers instead. I was missing a useable front derailleur. I ordered the wrong size "clamp-on" type and had to dismantle the old one and the new one to make one to work. That was a difficult but fun task, fo sho. I will post pics of all the tweaks soon.

I actually changed my plan.

I actually changed my plan. I ended up putting the da7700 shifters and Sram s900 levers from my crosscheck on her. She looks sweet.

So one of these has come up

So one of these has come up for sale locally, and I'm interested in it. I wanna ask, how does it ride? Like is it a tight racer geometry or is it more laid back?

Ibis Spanky

This bike was raced pro, the frame rides great. The tubing is amazing, has a great feel along the length of the frame under acceleration, responsive. I actually think this tubing is stiffer and has a better feel than the Columbus Air tubing on my TT bike, no joke. The "road-feel" is good too. For hand-butted tubing, it is not mushy around the bb. Stiff enough to really be able to lay down the law w/o loss of power from flex. The geometry is a pretty traditional diamond though, but not "laid back". In fact I am rebuilding this bike for my road races, very nice frame. I will not be getting rid of it, besides very rare goodness. What year is it?

'98, yellow, just like yours

'98, yellow, just like yours. The guy wants a grand for it, all built up with '98 ultegra and open pro wheels. I don't think I'm willing to pay that much though, I'm thinking 750 max. Im fairly certain it wont sell and in a few days I'm gonna throw him my 750 offer.


I agree, haggle it down. Although exquisitely uncommon, get the best deal you can. You will not be disappointed with the frame, I promise. I am hoping that it does not have the carbon fork though. The '98 had an option of an Edge carbon blade fork, it did not inspire my confidence at over 35 MPH. A bit scary and flexy, I am about to put on a diff fork as I race prep it for next Spring.

Nope, yellow steel fork. I'm

Nope, yellow steel fork. I'm getting excited. Woah, "
Handlebar Stem: Ibis Titanium"


You must have it, elsewise be a fool!! You have the chance to own some royal goodness. Do it. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say upon giving this Spanky a good spanking. Aww yeah! I expect to hear good news very soon.

Ideally I would like to sell

Ideally I would like to sell this frame I have first, I have 2 actual built bikes in my room, my cannondale six frameset sitting on wheels, and the debernardi frame i need to sell, not to mention a mtb and spare road frame in the "bike room"


selling the debernardi? why?

too big

too big

That sucks

Too bad on that.

Sounds like we decorate our houses... similar fashion, with bikes! ;) Can't wait to see pics when you get it. Sell that debernardi quick!! Look at my page (on here) and compare the geometry of my "laid back" Fuji Special Road Racer to the Ibis, front end in particular. Very tight front end but still very stable at speed. Like I was saying earlier, not much bb flex either. Guessing that you will like the geometry, based on your questions to me.

I am going to be so

I am going to be so disappointed if i don't get it

You are?

Heck, if you don't get it I will be disappointed too!! ;) The Spanky goes on my list of great frames, especially for us picky folk. Keep me posted!!

going to go meet the guy

going to go meet the guy after work tomorrow! hopefully I will have a bike on my roof when I come home tomorrow


I can't wait for pics and specs. Keep me posted, I am very excited for you! It'll be fun to hear what you experience on that frame.

Just installed photoshop

Just installed photoshop express on my phone so you better believe I will have pictures up before I get home.

Do NOT...

...leave me hangin my friend. I am stoked you are getting sucha rare and wonderous bike. Best be some pics, lest I scold ye from afar! ;) Talk (very) soon?

Yes, the only thing I'm

Yes, the only thing I'm worried about is the possibility that he wont accept my offer.


You GOT it!

Glad its back

ATB I wondered were this bike went.Super cool colors and set up,awesome dude.


It is amazing in an urban environment, fo sho!

Lots of stuff going on with

Lots of stuff going on with this bike


I guess I abandoned my "simplicity is elegance" concept, didn't I. ;) It's more of a Mardi Gras theme, no?

Nice new age path racer.

Nice new age path racer. Soon we can get pro shots up of this majestic beast!

New pics are up bro! :)

Hope you like.

heh, 2st

heh, 2st


Fixed the typo. Thanks.:)

I had technical diffs, Ibis is back up.

I deleted my Ibis and re did it because I could not figure out (my obvious mistake with) the pic uploads.

"The 2st owner raced it in

"The 2st owner raced it in Nor-Cal & NM."

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