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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

Bike tags: Road bike | eddy merckx | shimano 600 | slx
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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra / 56 / Late 80's

3ttt / 3ttt

Shimano Dura Ace Headset

Araya / Shimano 600

Araya Shimano 600

Shimano 600 EX

Selle Italia Turbo / Shimano 600 Aero

Ultegra SPD // Shimano 600 stock pedals

Shimano 600

Shimano 600

Bought the frame cheap, with a lot of corrosion under the box. Cleaned it down and covered with some anti-corrosion paint. Not too pretty, but efficient and in a not very visible spot. Frame is light and responsive. Shifters working as friction shifters - the index system was broken. Thinking of switching to a newer ultegra group with bar shifters and more gears, maybe some carbon wheels with a fairly low profile.

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My Two Cents

imho, restore this beauty and get an affordable mod bike.

I might be able to do both.

I might be able to do both. I don't think fitting it with an early Ultegra group and an 8 spped Shamal wheelset would be completely off. The handlebar, which is original, has drilling for internal cables.

I don't have the luxury of adding another bike to my collection. For now, i only have room (economically) for one racing bike, so i might even sell this one and get a sweet titanium bike i have my eyes on.

I Agree,

early Ultegra group and Shamals would look really nice on this bike. Wait a minute, isn't Shimano 600 the same as early Ultegra. You must mean early Dura Ace.

Well, there was the 600

Well, there was the 600 Ultegra group, which bridged the gap from 600 to Ultegra. But other than that, the first Ultegra (6500) groupset came in the late 90's. I think that's fair to name a more than 10 year old group and "older ultegra groupset"

Early Dura Ace is crap ...

Early Dura Ace is crap ... go for some newer group!

Well maybe

fuck Dura Ace altogether. Wears out too fast because it was made mainly for pro use.

Hey man

You can't mess wit the 7600's though! :P

Take Back

Take back what I said about Dura Ace. It's nice to have for sure. Does it wear out fast? Yes. Is it expensive? Don't need to answer that one. I have some Dura Ace bits and they are nice to have. Track hubs? I do have a pair of those, but I was referring to the newer Dura Ace road cranksets when I made the earlier comment.



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