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Beautiful 1988 Cannondale Criterium

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1988 Cannondale Criterium

TTT Gimondi Criterium Bend / TTT AR84

Cannondale Tange Steel / Dura Ace

Dura Ace / Araya Aero Tubular Rim / Dura Ace Skewer

Dura Ace / Araya Aero Tubular Rim / Dura Ace Skewer / Dura Ace 7s Freewheel

Dura Ace / Dura Ace

Selle San Marco Concor Ti

Dura Ace SPD-R / KMC

Dura Ace / Dura Ace

Dura Ace / Dura Ace SLR

Recently restored 1988 Cannondale Criterium. This was the first Cannondale I ever owned. I have had a lot of different Cannondale bikes since, but I never sold this one and never will.

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Frikin beauty! My first

Frikin beauty! My first groundup build was a Canny - a saecco team in US flag livery. Put many miles on it before trading up for steel. I did have a few others including, recently, a Crit in cherry red that I had to flip b/c it was too big, regrettably, but I have to say, after stints on carbon and a lifelong devotion to steel: classic cannondale is likely the only alu that I will still gladly ride.

Sharp looking bike. I know

Sharp looking bike. I know it's not original but a nice carbon fork would really make this bike rock.


Not to defile this perfectly realized restore, but any pics of how you had it set up modernized? (I've done that to my 87 c'dale ST and I'm always curious to see what people have done with them) Would also love to see a shot of the Dura Ace hubs built up! Thanks for sharing this beaut!

Beautiful build!

I was just able to snag the exact same frame with a different setup from Bristol a week ago. Your build is inspiring me to return the bike to it's true form and glory.

Very nice indeed. You've

Very nice indeed. You've effectively taken an SR500 (105) and created an SR2000 (dura ace). If you haven't found it yet, here's the catalogue. Your bike is on pg 14,15. Mine is on 13,14. Added to the cluster.

Nothing quite rides like these.

I actually have the original

I actually have the original catalog floating around somewhere in a box. The interesting part is that this bike never really was an SR500. It was ordered as a frame set by the shop owner. Thus when it arrived it never had the "Shimano 105" script under the clear coat on the chainstay like the others I have seen. It was built with Shimano 600 back then. In the late 90's I switched to Shimano 9spd. Then 4 or so years ago I decided to fix the chipping paint and go back to period correct parts. Now it is finally finished.


This is very fine. I have an 87 that could be it's brother and I will never part with it. Mine is pretty much stock with Shimano 105 group, and the blue is a tad lighter. Beautiful bike.

Get your Clydesdale

Get your Clydesdale pics up Tom. You've been on here 15 weeks, surely you can find a camera..

I love these older

I love these older Cannondales...



Great build

Really like this!


super nice bike! check mine out, its like your bike's slutty crackhead sister :)

If this had a white regal saddle it would be incredible, but still, this is one of my favorite bikes on velospace.



So nice!! I miss my

So nice!! I miss my Cannondale Crit
Cannondale love!

elegant looking bike

elegant looking bike



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