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OLD-Steyr Clubman

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steyr (Made in Austria)


Bastards! They have some odd size head set (austrian 26 x 1mm)

off of my Peugeot

Stronglight Cottered

I himed and hawed at this bike at my favorite thrift store because I had never heard of it and didnot need another junk frame lying around. Ipicked it up for . It wasn't until I got home that I started to see how cool this bike is. It is currently fixed gear and rides realy nice.

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Nice bike

I just got a clubman, and I am hoping to fix it up a bit. Any tips.


It is less common than french, So keep your original! They where just econo bikes made by Austro Dalmer. You don't have go too crazy with DA or Campy.

Must have been one of the

Must have been one of the very first Clubman bikes around. I see a lot of them here in Vienna, but none that can match this beauty. Reminds me of the Steyr/Puch Jungmeister bicycles around.

Is the bottom bracket on

Is the bottom bracket on these bikes a standard size, or is it foreign like the headset?


It's been a while but I do remember the BB to be 68mm english. Your right, the head set however is 26x1 treading (austrian). So don't throw or lose your current one.

Wow, you've got this thing

Wow, you've got this thing set up very similarly to my clubman... Fixed, Gold Deep V rims, red/black tires, brakes removed - our bikes would look like long lost twins in a lineup.

I really like my clubman, fits me well. I would love to replace my cranks and headset though... They're getting pretty worn. I understand they were reasonably cheap bikes when new, but I rather like the frame.

The same Steyr?

Junk, eh? Is this the same Steyr that makes small arms? Ought to be quality. Sort of like having a BSA motorcycle. All those companies were back and forth across lots of machinery manufacturing industries during much of the 20th century (IBM, BSA, Remington, National Postal Meter, etc.). Very Cool.

the same ...

Yes, it is. The company was called Steyr-Daimler-Puch at that time. They hosted brands like "Austro Daimler", "Puch" and of course "Steyr". The arm manufacturing unit is still alive, the bicycle production is not. Wonder why ...

I wish I had

that many junk frames! Nice to see the German-speaking world represented. I like it.

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