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Bridgestone Anchor

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Bridgestone Anchor NJS 51.5 cm x 53.5 cm

Profile Airwing, Cheap Road Drops/ Nitto Pearl 8

Original/ Hatta Swan NJS

Velocity Aerohead 28H/ Suzue ProMax 28H/ Seca Combi 23mm

Velocity Aerohead 32H/ Suzue ProMax 32H/ Conti Gator Hardshell 25mm

Suntour Superbe Pro 165mm/ Miche

Flite Ti/ Thomson


49t Suntour Superbe Pro/19t surly, 18t Suntour, 17t EAI

Traded my Affinity for this with a fellow Velospacer. It has a great gold flake visible up close.


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Good one!

Your Anchor is super nice also! ;)


You sir have nice bikes! How's this Bridgestone compare to your old Bareknuckle? Is the stiffness comparable? Cheers!


I thought the bk was more twitchy and stiff in comparison to the Anchor, but they both ride amazingly well. Where are your bikes?


You're right, I should post em up! I just built a Bareknuckle in replacement of an IRO mkv pro but I haven't tried it yet since it's getting pretty cold and snowy here. Anyway, thanks for your reply!


interesting trade... love the bike

Such a great trade! Looks

Such a great trade! Looks good!

Thanks Benson. The ride is

Thanks Benson. The ride is ten times better than my old Affinity, definitely a good trade. I admire all your bikes, hopefully I have a stable like yours one day.

Yea I can imagine. I didnt

Yea I can imagine. I didnt like the way the Lo Pro handled it was too twitchy for any street riding especially when I had it as a commuter in the winter time. I always wanted an njs frame but never got around to it I had an opportunity to get a sparkle red Bridgestone for my GTB but guy flaked

Agreed, much too twitchy for

Agreed, much too twitchy for the winter time and there wasn't enough clearance with fenders on to fit any knobby tires for the snow here in Minneapolis. Now that I have this, I need to build up a beater/winter bike. That's a bummer that dude flaked though, that would have been a legit trade. I want a gtb/pulse someday.

Yeah man when it snowed it

Yeah man when it snowed it sucked lol I fit fenders fine but ofcourse only with 25c tires. I wish my GTB was my size otherwise it would have been a keeper

I want a GTB so bad!

I want a GTB so bad!

These are one of my favorite

These are one of my favorite steel frames. The geo looks so damn aggressive, like you're always ready to go fast. So awesome.

Thank you, sir. The geo is

Thank you, sir. The geo is pretty aggressive, but comfortable enough for some longer rides.

Beautiful machine

ATB Man that is a sweet ride.What is an Anchor by Bridgestone,their track bike?I like this.

I'm not positive, but I

I'm not positive, but I think it's the Japanese brand for bridgestone. I'm not sure tho. Thanks though!

you just made me miss this

you just made me miss this bike. haha. looks great man.


Clean Anchor! Glad you traded your Affinity for this..

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