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Eimei (tokyo) Keirin NJS (530/540)

Nitto 100 NJS, Nitto NJS, (soyo super long grips)

Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS, Eimei NJS fork.

Araya GOLD world champion NJS, Suzue Pro Max High Flange NJS, spokes NJS, Soyo NJS gold star.

Araya GOLD world champion NJS, Dura Ace High Flange NJS, spokes NJS, Soyo NJS gold star.

Dura Ace 167.5 NJS, Sugino 75 NJS

Kashima Five GOLD NJS, Nitto NJS

MKS RX-1 NJS pedals, MKS a-sports NJS straps, Campagnolo NJS clips! HKK NJS Chain.

Sugino 75 46T NJS Chainring, Dura Ace NJS sprockets 16T and 13T, Dura Ace NJS lockring

All my NJS Frames/Parts for sale here....

This is my first fixed bike, and I'm in love. No need for a girlfriend now. Everything is 100% NJS, although I just changed the tyres to some yellow cheap things, because the Soyo NJS's were a bit crazed, and arbonai desu yo. My grandma will be proud of my stamp collection.
It's slightly small for my gaijin ass, so I will be changing to a fluoro pink/purple graphics Panasonic NJS frame which is 560/560.
Only changes I made in the newer photos, are installation of a Uemura Jitensha rear brake kit (no drilling, just plates to squeeze the frame, and some cardboard for that soft touch. Also changed to Sugino Mighty NJS seatpost, and white Kashima 5GOLD NJS chode-master. Also changed to MKS NJS Aluminium clips, because the Campa NJS clips belong on a much nicer bike than mine!
Osaka is the shit for Kei bikes, and I'm going to start a blog soon collecting photos of all the sweet bikes around town, and the guys who ride them. Check back for the link, shortly.

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slick colors

Those are some awesome colors for an Eimei. Gotta love those blade-style forks on so many of the new Keirin bikes.

Rad setup. I know you sold

Rad setup. I know you sold this a while ago but where did you get those longer soyo grips?


simple and beautiful. fantastic job; jealous that this is your first fixed.

ebayin it?

man sellin this on ebay? darn I'd love to win this, so that it could go with my red Eimei

sick ass paint job! and nice

sick ass paint job! and nice lugs too.


I am right that this just moved through Yahoo auctions in the last month or so??

I think it was totally on my watch list. Rad paint--I like the match with the saddle too :)

.....wait a minute---that one was a Makino. Haha---anyway, slick bike man!


What a bike!!! That shade of green is beautiful....


nice classic build!!!

parker lewis cant lose

parker lewis cant lose


MORE PICS!!! ! delicious!

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