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1940's Schwinn Paramount Track

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1940's Schwinn Paramount

Original Major Taylor Bars and adjustable stem all by Schwinn

Original Schwinn fork, Integrated headset

Schwinn stamped high Flange Hub, DT Swiss Spokes, 4 cross, Super Champion 700c, Hutchinson all white 32c tire

Schwinn stamped fixed High Flange Hub, DT Swiss Spokes, 4 cross, Super Champion 700c, Hutchinson all white 32c tire

Original Paramount stamped 3 arm cottered crankset

Wrights Swallow Saddle, Original Schwinn post

Original track pedals made by Torrington - Torrington, Conn., Inch pitch block chain

Original Schwinn cog and lockring, 25x9 (equals 50x18)

My daddy dug this bike out of the attic and gave it to me for Christmas. He had bought it for some 20+ years ago because he thought the "high flange hubs looked nice," but he never did anything with it. His only stipulation when he gave it to me was, put a front brake it or he wouldn't let me ride it in Brooklyn. I gladly agreed and scrounged around his attic and came up with a 1940's era black Schwinn brake. Also up there I found the old Super Champion 700c rims, all-white 32c Hutchinson tires, and the Wrights swallow saddle (the original Brooks was way too soft and cracked). I swapped the saddle, re-laced the wheels and added the white tires. Everything else came original on a 1940's Schwinn Paramount. It's the oldest bike I've ever seen with an integrated headset. I ride it daily on the streets of NYC. Shout outs to Brooklyn's finest- Bicycle Station and King Kog.

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amazing find. is the handle bar clamp upside down? just askin'


amazing find. is the handle bar clamp upside down? just askin'

Nice Bike

If it's good enough for Carl Furillo, it's good enough for me.

Wow you have one hell of a

Wow you have one hell of a father!

vintage paramount


dear god

I almost creamed myself when I saw this bike in person. I'm still looking into that mutant stem!


i'm so jealous, love the bike. my favorite part is the whit tires. i have been looking for some new all white tire some bikes of mine for a while. love schwinn!
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.


damn...classic. love it.


i would drown a small child for this bike. you ever think about disassembling her and cleaning up all the parts, or do you like the look the way it is? i'd probably have a hard time making that decision.

just the way it is.

just the way it is.

yeah dude it gives it

yeah dude it gives it character. don't change a damn thing unless you have to.
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

Major! ! !

Big shouts! First real bike i've seen here. You'd better be riding it.

inch pitch

Oh my I have to say BIG THUMBS UP for Vintage Everyday Cycling, got my 40's Automoto Track on the swedish roads almost every sunny day ;)


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its definitely smoother than memphis' WUMR 91.7 smoooooth jazz!

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