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"blue" my custom track bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Custom | fixed gear | road bike | track bike
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custom made / 54 / 2011

cinelli / dura-ace

custom made / dura-ace

miche primato hub / miche Pista WR rim

miche primato hub / miche Pista WR rim

miche primato 165mm / miche 107mm


48t chainring / 17t cog

Today i finished this project of mine.
As you can see it's obvious where did i find the inspiration (cannondale track frame). I always loved cannondale bikes (i had a few BTT ones) and when i started to be more into road bikes and fixed gear i fell in love with the cannondale track frames. I studied alot the geometry of the track bikes and started to draw my own frame. I bought an Easton Scandium tube set and than asked Valdemiro (a portuguese frame builder) to weld them according to the geometry i gave him.
Than i started to work on the frame and fork (preparing for the paintjob... to "clean" the weldings and so on...)
I also started to work on the color. After i found the one i like (adding drops and drops) i've painted "her" (yeah, it's a SHE... eh eh eh!)

well, after several months the result is this

i never rode a bike with so tight geometry and 165mm cranks...
...and i'm loving it! :)

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Hot dang!!

Dude, this bike is off the hook!!! Man you did a good job.. One of the nicest on velospace!

wow!!! Thanks alot John! I

wow!!! Thanks alot John! I spent alot of time working on "her" but that only makes me loving her more :)
i will try to add pics with better resolution. ;)


I see that the head tube area was inspired by the Laser, wasn't it? Very good-looking frame and the whole build is nice as well.

thanks Olej! I didn't

thanks Olej! I didn't thought about the Laser but i can see why you said that ;)

i really like your bike

i really like your bike

thanks! I'm very happy with

I'm very happy with the final result! The geometry is perfect for me.

it's really

cool you were so involved in making this beast!

i love to make my own

i love to make my own bikes
that way i love ride them even more

second the request for close-up

would love to see a close-up pic of the head tube & seat/top tube cluster.

i will add soon pics with

i will add soon pics with details ;)

Awesome! Can we have close

Awesome! Can we have close up photos please

soon i'll add better

soon i'll add better pics
With this camera i can't zoom it.

Well cone !!

great job man!
really nice it does resemble the geometry of the cannondale although it looks like the wheelbase looks just a tiny bit longer, but you nailed it with the welds and the paintjob


thanks! ;)

thanks! ;)

I dig it

Are you saying that he maid that. this thing looks real good. I'd roll it any day

come to Aveiro, Portugal and

come to Aveiro, Portugal and you can ride "her" for sure ;)

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