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Dutch Double - A Pair of Gazelle Lightweight Roadsters         Featured Bike! on 06/23/2011

Bike tags: Touring


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once in a lifetime find

well played sir! I've admired this pair since you uploaded it.

Once in a lifetime find ...

... you could be right. They're a treat.

Heel moi!


Hahaha ...

Cool, man!
(I ain't dutch but I know enough to understand your comment.)



true love

true love

Very Handsome

Nice job and so much more appealing to look at then the typical fair your might see as a store-bought stand-in for this type of solution in 2011. Actually, not only more visually distinctive and appealing, but better performing, too, this along with the knowledge that not every jackdaw with room on ye olde credit card can spring for the same cookie-cutter, sign here, get-a-free-water-bottle, solution. Like the colors and contrasting leather/rubber/frame. Well-done.


Hey Kelly, nice to hear from you, how's it goin' !?
Thanks for the kind words - just what you said, they do their job amazingly well. And they're *really* vintage, not just 'retro'. I like 'em.

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