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Zieleman type Special 531

Bike tags: Road bike | holland | Ko Zieleman | Reynolds 531 | zieleman
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Ko Zieleman late 60´s handmade frame

the typical ´barn-find´,well sort of.. I found it at a flea market some years ago with most parts there but missing a wheelset,still to exchange the campa rims on it for something with high flange hubs one day..
not restored but merely a good polish and new grease had made it what it looks like today.
this is truly a dutch classic bicycle,not as well known as Gazelle or even Rih,but Ko Zieleman was a dutch framebuilder who really mastered his job.this model is probably built around end of the 1960´s, its a ´type special´,sporting a mix of universal,mafac,triplex,lyotard,stronglight,brooks and campagnolo parts. frame is made from reynolds 531 in original yellow and red with chromed fork rides very pleasantly,surprisingly more than I expected having gotten used to riding exotic italians for many years, this has become one of the favorites in my collection of classic steel bicycles. bottle holder not original of course,but did not want to put it on the downtube for fear of damaging the paint,and as I entered it in a retro tour in warm weather, water on hand was a neccesity...also it sort of makes it look more ´period´ this way. anyone with info on exact year of production welcome!

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This is an amazing looking

This is an amazing looking bike.

I only knew the name Zieleman until I saw a pair of them in the barn behind a b&b we stayed at near Utrecht, summer '11. One had this same color scheme, I think, though it was a later and perhaps not so 'special' build. They somehow seemed very 'Dutch' by being built very well but not overly pretty.

The yellow with red and chrome is really remarkable. So it shows some do we all after 30 or more years!

I'm not a serious enough vintage buff to search for a 'grail' bike...but a Zieleman (in 52cm) might just qualify.

thanks for the comment,

thanks for the comment, Chicago Al;-) you are right in your opinion of dutch bikes, most I have seen are the same;well built but not overly pretty ,most Gazelles and Batavus bicycles are built like that too. I like to think of dutch bikes sometimes as being like Scandinavian cars..very functional with estaethics that don't always match that;-) If you like both in one package..Italian is the way to go wether its cars or bicycles;-)

Exellent! Nice shots, too.

Love your Zieleman! Just first rate paint job, too. Great shots with the cows and rolling on road. Love seeing these beasts in action and that's a classic shot that could be from any time. Can understand your affection for this one, as I have to agree that is has the most magic of your rides.

- kh


thanks for the comment,glad someone likes it affection for this particular 'beast'has only gotten bigger through the years that I've had it;-)

Fine Bike

I can see why it's one of your favorites.


thanks,its always hard to name just one favorite bike out of a collection,usually they are all in favor some way or another,otherwise you would not keep them in the collection, I think all collectors agree:-)
but this comes close to being favorite in terms of rarity,age, ride quality and ,for me, even the color combo;-)

I love that color combo

and also agree on its rarity.

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