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Frankendale - TT project

Bike tags: Road bike | Craigslist special | frankenbike | Road machine | Workout
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56cm Cannondale 1992

One one Gary Bars, BBB long flexy stem, bolt on tri bars.

Cannondale fork, unknown headset

DuraAce hub, Mavic geeky light tubular rim, cheap tire

New old stock - Mavic Disc (heavy, but makes the cool disc noise)


WTB and syncros post. Seat may be changing.

Crank brothers Eggs - .. unknown chain (left over from MTB)

Old Deore tumbs.. old xt mech.

Shimano 105 , no name cross bar levers

42 X53 front 13 to 19 on back . (not for hills.. Mission Bay Triathlon gearing).


This is just a Friday project trying to stay out of trouble. Now it has 14 speeds, (12 with the disc, 14 with the training wheel). Friction shifting so not a problem.
I will build the white wheel up with gears next. Game on!
Weird dish on the rear wheel.. I wonder if frame is bent...

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1991 SR900

Nice. Dropping it into the cluster. Here's where you can see it: (page 32)


I have updated the images.. not sure how the code works but wanted to let you know.

where'd u get that rear

where'd u get that rear united rims? thats a local brand from my country :D


I got them here at my favorite "alternate" bike shop.
Ye old Bike shoppe
6792-4 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92115-5821
(619) 582-4334

The rim weighs more than the frame.. but I had it for my off road fixed gear project which I found out I am way to old for...

The rim was a bear to put the tire on.. it took Armour-all and about 130 psi to get the bead to pop in.

Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.

did you by any chance buy

did you by any chance buy this frame from a scraggly bearded hippy in san diego?



hahaha adam is my neighbor,

hahaha adam is my neighbor, coworker and one of the buddies i ride with,. he actually convinced me to get my cannondale.

i have totally ridden that bike before! great colors and rides like a dream.

Bike has been fun

I will have gears on it later this week.. Shifters are mounted and looking for more parts.

Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.

Fun bike

I'm glad there are more people on here who have both skills and a sense of humor. Keep it up with the adult legos.

Totally sick paint.

Totally sick paint.

Looks awesome! Cannondale

Looks awesome! Cannondale love!

crazy rear dropouts...swag.

crazy rear dropouts...swag.

Totally ridiculous... I love

Totally ridiculous... I love it.
How do the Marys ride flipped?


i have never ridden them any other way. On my Heckler, it felt like I was driving a bus (turning not steering), but Flipped...great angle on the wrist, nice stretch and thumbs in the nook above the grips... ah.

I want to try Jone (or Titec) h bar on the Mtb.. or fubar...

Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.


Two of my whips have flipped tourist (cafe) bars and they are very good hand position for wrists and good steering control. Dig it!

I had a Jones bar for a

I had a Jones bar for a while, but I never really took advantage of the hand positions, so I sold it and built almost two complete bikes with the money...

you got it

That is exactly the reason I do not have one yet!

But I did trade an old Trek MTB for a new Brooks B17 narrow (honey)!

This is a score, fo sho.

A cannondale with the cafe bars and a 1x8(?) set-up? Too cool. Dig it.


It will have a disc rear wheel (5 speed old school) and a deep V (b43) flat black (maybe painted the same color as the fork) on the front for our time trial this summer.
Being Geek is Good.

Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.

Rad setup, more pics!

Rad setup, more pics!

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