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Carbon Commuter RB002

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carbonzone Ebay 54cm RB002

Hylix Integrated




Sram Apex

Ritchey / Stock Carbon

Sram 1090 Chain

Sram Apex / Red

Sram Apex

11-26 / 50-34

Easy A to B

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Pure Inspiration

Too Awesome! It's wicked beautiful. Maybe one day I'll get around to building something like it.

This is art to me. It needs no explanation or justification.


Badass commuter

ATB I think this bike is totally right.He obviously doesn't need or like drop bars.Multiple hand positions,people ride the hoods most of the time anyway.Maybe he doesn't need to look like a racer in an uncomfortable tuck missing everything around him as he races by.That bike is plenty fast for anything else on the road,it looks cool and is built the way he wants it.I love out of the box thinking.

Man I would love to try out

Man I would love to try out this bike! Could it be classified as a hybrid? Whatever it is, it seems like a good idea to me. If you have the money why not? Throw on some clipless pedals and road bars and in the blink of an eye you have a race bike.

I love that this is your

I love that this is your commuter. I was going to poke fun at you for having a flat bar, then I realized it was some crazy flat bar. I hope you ride the shit out of this thing, and that those wheels get used for more than just commuting.

How's the ebay frame treating you?


you have too much money. Your commuter bike weighs less than my race-day bike...and I hate your face.


Deep-dish carbon + 2-dollar plastic pedals = WIN!! love it, no rules, ftw!

So ridiculous, so cool.

So ridiculous, so cool.

the reflectors on the pedals

the reflectors on the pedals really make the bike..

You mean those pedals and

You mean those pedals and cages make the bike! Whew.

MTB bars on a road bike with road racing wheels? Hmmmmmm. I see.


I love how you think there is only one way allowed to build a bike. Are you starting to see people do whatever they want? (and have a great time doing it!)

Don't be a pain. I'm just

Don't be a pain.

I'm just saying... it's silly to have those expensive one-piece MTB bars on a bike like this, limited to only one hand position. When he could have 4-5 hand positions and be more comfortable with road bars.

And c'mon... the plastic pedals are a joke.... even you know that.


Brother, you're not getting my point (or other peoples, for that matter). What might be "silly" to you might actually work great for him. Maybe he doesn't want or need 5 hand positions. Why do you continually gripe about the most meaningless aspects of peoples bikes on here? What is the point? i don't get it...

BTW - the Tiemeyer is f***ing bananas, that bar and stem are pretty serious.

Having said that, it DOES

Having said what I did below, it DOES look badass.

I respect that this build is

I respect that this build is not silly to you or the builder, and agree that the bar is quality. Who knows what ridiculous buildups I could/would do with enough money, but in my current reality this is a complete waste of a wheelset.

jeeez everyone stop arguing.

jeeez everyone stop arguing. the bike is OBVIOUSLY stupid.

Actually... it's cool. After

Actually... it's cool. After viewing their other bikes, I just realized this person has a (very common) addiction to shinny carbon bike stuff. It's something that's highly addictive to many cyclists, and is quite natural in many respects because of how it's been marketed over the years. Some people really CRAVE shinny carbon like a drug.


i think someone hacked 2011's account. all of a sudden i'm seeing a lot of compliments and less criticisms. hooray!

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