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1972 Atala Record

Bike tags: Road bike | 57 | 70's | atala
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Cinelli Campione del Mondo/3T Gran Prix

Atala/Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Mavic Open Pro 36/Ruffy Tuffy

Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Mavic Open Pro 36/Ruffy Tuffy

Campagnolo Nuovo Record 42-52/Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Brooks Swift/Campagnolo Nuovo Record


Campagnolo Nuovo Record/Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Universal 68/Campagnolo

Suntour Pro Compe 5 speed freewheel

Slightly roughed up '72 Atala, from Milan with love.

Everything is as I received it, except I took the hubs, which had been laced to some Alex mtb rims 4x(sooo heavy) and had them re-laced to some OP's. I also had to procure a new freewheel since the o.g. was destroyed during removal.

1st picture is final version so far. Very happy!!

Original stock-

SOLD! :/

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Beautifully classic

Machine. I simply love the older bikes. They seem to exude style and not a little sparkle and glamour to today's monocoque marvels.
Kindest regards

It really is a looker

No match for stiffness, but that's not why I have this one ;)


Your Atala is a very stylish vintage bike. It's got to feel great riding it.

This bike is gorgeous.

I don't think it would look right with a thomson or a rolls on it. Maybe leave the NR post and find a regal or brooks. I generally dislike the looks of rolls, but I think it would be particularly overwhelming on this bike.

Thanks for sharing!

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

Yeah, stuck

it in and you are totally right. Not a huge fan of the Rolls either, which I figured out after having it for awhile. A Brooks Swallow or Swift would be awesome. Maybe I can flip the Rolls and Thomson and go from there for a saddle.


I think a nice swallow or swift in honey would look great. A good condition vintage one that already has that worn-in patina woulb be even better, but seeing as used brooks are still pretty expensive a new one might make more sense.

by the way, i love the ratty cloth tape. There is just something innately satisfying about it.

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."


have a honey swift in the mail :)

edit: Just got it, still dialing it in, but wow, so perfect on this bike, pics soon I hope

Aged honey Brooks Swift

looks fantastic on your bike. The Atala is a gem.


This bike turned out so perfect! I get excited every time I take it out.

Either original or repop

decals and buff out the paint and you got yourself a gem. Nice score.


not quite show room quality like your rides, but I'm a bit rough around the edges myself ;)

Your bike looks great

considering how old it is.


true true, I'm actually glad it's got a few dings, if it was perfect as my Klein I might have a hard time locking it up(when I have to)

Even in the condition

it's in now, I'd have a hard time locking it up. That's fairly valuable bike. When you really have to lock it up, I hope it's not for long.

lol yup

luckily I work downtown and can drop it off at the indoor bike rack when I need to :)

Nice bike. Does it have a

Nice bike. Does it have a serial number? With Atalas, the year of manufacture is often the first 2 digits.

Oh cool!

It's on the seat-tube, looks like it's a 72 :)

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