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Cervelo T1         Featured Bike! on 10/20/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike
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Cervelo T1

Vision trimax integrated or Deda pista + 3T ARX pro stem

Cervelo, FSA

FFWD ficer - ceramic, continental comptition

Corima C+ track disc

Campagnolo record

San Marco zoncolan

Shimano XTR, Izumi super toughness
Hong Kong

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I know this has been here

I know this has been here for a while, but I keep looking at it just waiting for my T1 to come from Canada. Sigh...


nothn is too much. now wear ur rolex n ride.


i would assume who owns that might have one ha.

how bout fixing that high to

how bout fixing that high to low socio-economic gap over there?


... this siccck what more can I say. Ride safe! cheers from los angeles!


I can tell ya all here, there will be more monster bike coming in 852 soon, stay tune, am I right Brian?


why would anyone want to ride an olympic spec track racing machine on the street??? ummm, only for the same reason it would kick ass to drive a GT car on the streetz? They are fast, sexy, ballin. If I had that, I wouldn't ride it on the street.. but I wouldn't be complaining if I could afford to do it. If your looking for safety and practicality, why choose fixed in the first place. Haters gonna hate. ps: awesome bike, I hope you get to experience racing it on the velo. pss: that fixiemeister sticker is wack. you should at least change it to swagmeister.

brian i love you man, all

brian i love you man, all these bikes go super hard.

Very sexy.

All you haters are getting boring. Seriously, who cares how much money he spent on his bike? It's still one less car on the road...

Please kindly accept my

Please kindly accept my apology if the bikes I posted on here are upsetting you.
Should everyone with a Olympic track bike ride as fast as Chris Hoy? I don't think so, why should you care so much how the owner of the bike may use it?
Moreover velospace is a place for us to share our common interest, not hate.
PS. running clinchers on the track is like running mountain pedals on track, it's a silly idea but it works. Stay by the computer typing woundn't make you ride faster, get out there, ride more and stop the hates.


OMFG STFU ABOUT ALL YOUR STUPID "KNOWLEDGE" ABOUT BIKES.. JUST RIDE YOUR SHIT, GET FAST, AND PROVE IT ON THE STREETS. nobody gives 2 shits about your fucking gay ass tiemeyers and edge grouppos. Seriously, there's so many fucking cat 6 retards on this site, just enjoy some porn and stop rating the pornstars ffs.

benson, your still slow as fuck even with 4 concepts.. i guarantee it.
2011, dude you got banned once already, just stfu. CORRECT, NO SHIT NO ONE USES MOUNTAIN PEDALS ON THE TRACK.. NO FUCKING SHIT.

man that felt so good.

2011 asked to be banned

2011 asked to be banned retard

hey bro

calm down cat6 :)

you're just another kid who buys bikes of guys who really really ride bikes i know who that orbea belonged to and it still looks the same, coffee runs? lol

calm down fixie boy mash sticker on front lol. vittoria rando's stripped to the beads WOAH sOoOoOoo Faaaaaaast

:))))) If I want to go on


If I want to go on coffee runs on a dank ass orbea I will.
If people want to put together a cervelo t1 in whatever way they want to... they will.

nuff said. stop hating. that's it.

Coffee runs 4 daiiizzz

Coffee runs 4 daiiizzz

lol u mad bro? I can

lol u mad bro? I can guarantee you are not faster than me with your street fixie with super awesome worn out tire from doing teh skids



hahahaha you are hating on my tire? really dog? Really? All your tires are in perfect shape...? dude, you know this kid angelo probably in person, take a fucking appreciative page out of his book and stop hating on shit.

when you try and be subtle about hating on this guy's ride, I gotta say something dog.

And sorry I chose to take a picture of my tire... that's my bad.. no really.

Im not hating here I just

Im not hating here I just simply said this doesnt see track. Non the less awesome build
Not hating on your tire either just joking on a comment posted on your bike page ;)
Sorry your feelings got hurt.

its all good dog, much love

its all good dog, much love man.

Hahahahahaha! Learn to type

HAHA! Learn to type and spell poootweet if you're going to attempt to act all tough and angry.

For the record... I did not get banned. I ASKED to have my account closed on here so I could finish my thesis to get my master degree and to also focus more time training for this track season.


does it fucking burn when people call you out on being a hater?

Like all your backhanded, random ass suggestions that are meant to "reveal" your own knowledge about track racing, and are veiled under a cloak of "matter-of-factedness"?

... like seriously who gives a fuck about mountain pedals? So if he changed to road joints or speedplays with straps you'd be like... great bike? Hell fucking no dude.

I'm just keeping this shit real. Instead of hating on random details of a beautifully built bike... just stop hating on shit. that's it. That's all I'm fucking saying.

A'men brotha!

A'men brotha!

I really wonder if all of

I really wonder if all of the over the top street builds this guy posts are actually his.


I have a feeling they're builds for customers of his, just a hunch. Either that or he has a serious schwagg addiction...

Mountain bike pedals, on

Mountain bike pedals, on this bike?! Ummmmm....

I assume than this is being ridden as a sweet street fixie than. No serious track racer riding a bike like this would be riding MTB pedals and shoes.

Have you seen the rest of

Have you seen the rest of his bikes that he posted? They are all street fixies. None of those are ridden for any track racing

Yeah, you're completely

Yeah, you're completely right. I guess the name "Fixiemeister" should have given that away, along with the MTB pedals.

Riding TT aerobars on the street is sure a lot of fun. Haha.

I really want to know what is going on over in Japan/China/Indonisia/etc with people building these Olympic track bikes as street fixies. Has it become a status symbol of wealth and class? Is it just a current trend? How are these young kids affording such nice builds?

I really think it's not about getting "street cred" but more so about power, class, status and display of wealth.


I dun know whats the big deal riding this on road? I can ride it both on road or in a velodrome. Or maybe u just jealousy huh?! Poor guy!

Yer riding TT bar on street are having fun, you dun even know hows the road condition in HK!

What's the big deal of

What's the big deal of riding tubular disc wheels and carbon 5 spoke track wheel on the road, you ask?! And riding TT aero bars on the street in traffic and around town?!


Jealousy is not the problem here. I actually owned the first Cervelo T1 to appear on Velospace... and sold it in favor of a custom Tiemeyer.

the problem is... I'm just completely baffled and confused as to WHY all you "fixie riders" over in Hong Kong and such are building up such impractical Olymipic level track bikes for the street! Secondly, I'm wondering HOW so many of you can afford it!

Don't get me wrong... your bike here, and all the other bikes that this shop has made are absolutely STUNNING and beautiful bikes! I just want to know WHY and HOW! Simple as that.


I've seen a movie from Asian Fixed Gear Championship (or sth like that) lately. One guy had a professional Look track bike. When he got smoked in the sprints by someone on a trick bike with risers, I reacted in a mix of facepalm and rotfl.

It's a weird feeling when you see such things, it's amusement, confusion, jealousy and feeling for the bike combined all together.


dude, shut the fuck up already. you're the biggest goof on velospace. you think there is only ONE way to do things, your way. go swap your group to another frame already, what's it been, a week?

Say one more time, you dun

Say one more time, you dun even know hows the road condition in HK, i can always ride in a long straight road without any traffic, i dun even need to skid, so no problem that i ride tubular and tt bar. And i got few wheels for change due to different road condition.

Second, why the ppls are building professional level road bike but they are not professional racer? Same as us, we just love fixed gear, we got stable jobs, so whats the problem we spend some money on what we loved?! I think the price of those bikes are way cheaper then in your country.

Third, I wish to ride in a velodrome, but there are only one outdoor velodrome in HK, and thats not for public use, u need to get a track license otherwise u can't get in, i have my track license but there r usually HK national team racers training inside. Or mayb we can book the velodrome but we dun even know the price and how to book due to the bad policy of government. I hope u can know why we are building those bike but not only ride in velodrome.

Lastly, i come here just want to share my bike, of cause u can leave any comment but plz stop leaving comment with hates, i can accept any recommendation without hates. I hope i can answer your questions clearly. Cheers!

Kenneth Chau speaking the real

This comment from the actual owner of the bike is the real deal truth.

Anyone who oppose his choices can put their money where their mouth is, and SHUT UP.

Says guy with mash. He

Says guy with mash. He already had a Cervelo T1 why would he be jealous

Sorry i am the owner of this

Sorry i am the owner of this T1. So mayb he is not jealousy why keep on leaving comments with hate of brian's bike or his customer's bikes? I really dun know whats the big deal riding those bikes on streets, HK is very small that u dun even need a road bike!

it's funny that you

it's funny that you immediately think "2011" is jealous - because that seems to be what you are trying to make people feel: jealousy. in response to "2011," and kind of like what i was saying in the "MASH project" thread, but it seems that urban fixed-gear riding is an extension of motorcycle tuning over there (i mean, default pic for this bike makes that conclusion somewhat obvious), based on what i've seen and read here and elsewhere. ho hum. certainly fun to watch!

Awesome bikes for sure with

Awesome bikes for sure with alot of money thrown to build it up but damn for street its too much

whoa whoa whoa, where did

whoa whoa whoa, where did all this humbleness come from?

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