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1979_Schwinn_ Le Tour

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Schwinn LeTour/ 56cm/ 1979

Sakae/ From used parts bike

27" From used parts bike/Stock

Original 27" / 27" x 1.25"

Origina 27" / 27" x 1.25"

Sugino Super Maxy/ Replaced w/ Shimano Tapered BB

Avocet/ Stock

Stock/ KMC Z30 Chain

Suntour/ Shimano 400FF

Jagwire Brake Shoe/ Weinmann


This bike was purchased off of Craigslist. At the time I had little information about bike's and wanted to not only get into road biking, but build one as well. When I bought this bike, it was not the ideal "novice's bike" which led me to taking the bike to a local bike shop (LBS). After finding multiple forums, one member sent me many parts from spare bikes he had to help me out. I did what I could, but unfortunately ran into many problems. The handlebar stem was so rusted to the fork it had basically welded itself to one another. The bottom bracket was shot, it had no cables, no shifter/brake levers, no brake hardware to speak of, no tires/tubes, no saddle bracket, and the list goes on. After many days of working on the bike, I took to the LBS to be finished as I was unable to identify what was still missing. This is the result and now I am continuing my education and looking to better the bike. Next items looking to be purchased: white saddle, pedals, & cateye computer.

Please send all recommendations, comments, concerns, etc! I am very interested in learning about parts, the bike, etc!

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Beautiful retro

ATB Man that is one nice Schwinn.I hope to build one someday.

Thanks a lot! For now, I am

Thanks a lot! For now, I am just replacing parts that are easy to do! It is all about experience,learning and enjoying the ride for now.

Trying to find a white saddle and road pedals for now, that I like and still stay budget friendly! :)


ATB Hey, if you're interested,original decals,both nos and repops can be bought for any Schwinn imaginable.Multiple sellers on E-bay have them cheap.My Schwinn Racer has repop frame decals and a nos chain guard water transfer decal from the 60's,all for about to bucks a piece.there is also a Schwinn store on E-bay that carries all sorts of things for many eras of Schwinn.

My picture is not loading on

My picture is not loading on here for some reason. Any input? I receive no error.

Here's my thread though w/ pics:

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