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2006 Bianchi Concept /// The Yellow Bus

Bike tags: Track bike | bianchi concept pista track sugino 75
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Bianchi Concept 2006

Truvativ Hussefelt oversized risers - Truvativ Team Stem

Concept stock carbon fiber fork and Tange headset

Velocity Deep V - Phil Wood Hub - Wheelsmith spokes

Velocity Deep V - Phil Wood Hub - Wheelsmith spokes

Sugino 75 - Sugino Zen Chainring 48 Tooth (powder coated black) - Phil Wood bottom bracket

Brooks B-17 - Thompson Elite Seatpost

MKS Sylvan - Izumi 1/8

18 tooth Phil Wood Cog - 48 tooth chainring

powder coated by Mass Tech auto in Hayward CA

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i'm jealous man, i really

i'm jealous man, i really like the Dakine grips, i wanted the purple ones for my ride-roach

Lawl, is that like a 700x35

Lawl, is that like a 700x35 randonneur in the back? probably a 32, but it looks too large to be one...

What's up Chris Its tha twins livin in Tempe AZ

White Pista Concept Tempe AZ


could you tell me what grips those are? thanks in advance


Did that back tire give you more "skidding life" because with my tires I'm wearing I would have to replace them every week, or sooner. So I try not to skid as often as I could in hopes to saves some money for the tire fund. What do you recommend?


buy that tire. Its from the brand Vittoria. The tire model is called Randonneur. best shit money can buy. i swear by it. 3/4 of people will probly agree with me.

They're like car tires

tough as all hell, really thick, but you lose road feel and responsiveness.


ridin dat yellow bus!!

That is one...

...effing sweet bike. I like. :)


Love the look! Welcome to the Jawbreaker reference club.

108 or 111 Phil Wood bottom bracket?

I like the bike - saw it/you on Valencia a week ago....

Did you match the sugino 75 cranks with a 108 or 111 Phil bb?


not bad


Just saw this on the myspace page then clicked over here hoping for better pictures and voila! What size are those tires they look big and fun like you could bash them around.


nice bike ma man. now do us all a favor and get a better seat!

there is no better seat,

there is no better seat, save for team pros, swallows and swifts.


Love the setup man, custom concepts are the sh!t. I especially enjoy the grips, where did you get those from?

revenge industries bmx grips

revenge industries bmx grips im pretty sure.

I like

what you did with the chain ring. How's the coat holding up?

so far so good

so far so good

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