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Bike tags: Single speed | Mountain bike | 818 | Budget | Cyclocross
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If you spent over one thousand dollars to build a single speed cross bike, you're doing it wrong. keep it BUDGET

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Tire size

How wide are the tires?

Triple Butted Lugged Univegas Rule ! ! !


Two things that popped about your bike's frame on a quick glance, the black triple butted sticker on the top tube near the seat junction, and the old California license down on the seat tube above the B.B.. I used to have the same bike in the exact color. I rode it for years before I did the same thing you did... that bike is king as a single speed! The rear wheel is tucked in nice and tight and that Mangalite (sp?) fork takes the edge off all the bumps without being sloppy. Silly mistake I made getting rid of that bike! My buddy who bought it still rides and loves the bike to this day. Ben Lawee knew how to incorporate fine Italian designs into and affordable ride, they were contracted out and built in Japan. All the way down to the ripped off vintage Campy-esque seat post, gotta dig it! The best ones were made by Miyata... yours is one of the Miyata made Univegas. *LUCKY* I'd like to have another, I've been looking for almost two years but none have come up. I've seen a few for sale on Craigslist but the owners know what they've got and they're asking top dollar. Did you get a good deal on yours? Originally, I paid 40 bucks for mine... never should have sold it!

Two questions...

What size tires are those?

How much clearance do you have inside the brake caliper?

Anyway, nice build... clean, simple, and straight forward! I've got a bit of bike envy, I think I'll call my buddy again and try to get my bike back... the worst he can say is no (he's consistent with the "No!"). Thanks for the inspiration!



"I'd rather add more life to my years, than years to my life!" -J. Pierce Spaceman3/Spiritualized

I love it

ATB I agree dude.That is a nice bike,sweet and simple.Single speeds rock. What type of chain tensioner is that,I like it.

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