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Look KG 396 Pista         Featured Bike! on 03/30/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Look Track | Look396 | TRI SPOKE
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LOOK KG 396 P / XS / 2004

Handmade / Look ergo stem


Tri - Spoke

Velocity DEEP V / Gran Compe

Sugino Grand Mighty / Hatta9400

Fizik Arione CX Carbon Braided / Look


UAI 17T / Miche 49T



this sh*t is BOMB!

awesome frame, i've always wanted a look kg196 road and this is what it reminds me of.

forget what all those other retards think, ride this where you want, street, track or even through grass and mud, it's your bike do what you want.

if i were you i'd grab another fancy track bike and ride it in the street, give haters even more stuff to talk about.

A really nice machine

This is really good and you sound like you value this machine. Good luck and treasure it in whatever form you wish. It is after all yours.

Kindest regards



Really nice Look KG 396. I like the geometry on these.


Hey man I saw you riding in hongdae tonight, i was gonna say hi but got held up by crowd, such a nice setup! I am from Australia and in korea for a bit.


I had been in Australia 6 months!

O really what city? I live

O really what city? I live in perth, do u know where i can get a cheap decent ride while I'm here, i really wanna ride the mountains around seoul there are some really nice runs around the city!

i dont get it. why is it

i dont get it. why is it that wannabees can ride 00 nice road frames but be slow amateurs, but ppl cant ride nice track frames because they're not competing on a track? ride you're bike bro. haters gonna hate.


high end TRACK bikes are made for the TRACK. High end ROAD bikes are made for the ROAD, so even if someone is slow they are using the proper tool for the job. There's no point in riding a 1000+ track frame on the street!

If you got money then flossssss.....

I've got friends who ride 7k track setups on the road. if you got money and that's how you want to use it then so be it, it's your bike. There aren't rules that say you have to use something because it's made for a specific task.



This is awesome! Who cares

This is awesome! Who cares what others say, just enjoy it!



Look's like you got that

Look's like you got that crappy rear trispoke to work on your front afterall. Good job!

Such a nice frame. Shame it does not have nice wheels to match. You should get a Mavic IO/Comete set for it.

I'm not going to get into the debate on how this should be ridden on the track, and not a hipster street bike. However, I know what everyone's up to over in Korea and such places right now... you guys all love the most expensive track bikes possible to be ridden on the street.


You're wrong.
Most people think that, but I didn't make this bike in order to proud.
I just want to ride my track bike.

okay that doesn't make sense...

so you posted your bike on the internet because you weren't proud. Gimme a break...


I didn't make my bike in order to splurge.
You're not understand what I'm saying to you
Why do you ride fixed gear bike made by track bike parts?
Ride a bike when you blame other bike.

wait for update

track bikes riding on st are all cool.

looks havent complete yet.
may be build up with all the carbon parts?


I like ball bearing parts.
So I don't want to change any parts
Thank you!

take this back to where it

take this back to where it belongs, the track.



Looking Good!

Put your drop bar on and she will be more sexy!

Waste of a perfectly good

Waste of a perfectly good track bike :/

so what?

so what?

I wouldnt mind riding one of

I wouldnt mind riding one of these for myself


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hey hellopang don't mind Benson he is just mad at the world because his got a one inch pecker.

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Thats not what your mom said last night

keep on dreamin

keep on dreamin buddy...hehehehe


When you use a professional Look track frame on street and don't even plan to visit a velodrome, you should at least expect that many will be critisizing. Moreover, they're right. Have you ever wondered why nobody drives a Formula 1 car on street?


In your opinion

All Track Bike must ride in velodrome.

You must ride in velodrome to your track bike too.

Do you ride on the Velodrome to your track bike?

This is a pointless discussion.

^^ lost cause

lost cause


What does mean?

u mad bro?

u mad bro?

benson (aka angry asian jew)

benson (aka angry asian jew) don't be dickhead a douchebag a pussy a nutsack and finally a smartass :P

Dude dont take the internet so seriously



come at me bro

come at me bro

awww is baby gonna cry

awww is Kim Jong-il gonna cry

Why you mad?

Why you mad?

i could do this all day

i could do this all day



some people have to much

some people have to much money. a 396 for the streets, come on. change all the parts and ride it at a velodrome please. the best frame/paintjob ever!


I don't pay much money for this bike.
About $ 2000.
I don't want ride velodrome, and South Korea is not a lot of the Velodrome

the please find a yellow one

the please find a yellow one for me, also for a few coins, the tallest size


When I find 396 L size, I'll tell you

suggested actions: 1.)

Suggested actions: 1.) Remove LOOK KG 369 P. 2.) Insert Kilo TT. 3.) Gift wrap LOOK KG 369 P and leave it at the nearest velodrome. 4.) Repeat steps 1. - 3. when necessary.

No thanks

No thanks





crazy cool

though I dont like the steer tube.

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