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Pelizzoli Leggenda 54.

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Pelizzoli Leggenda / 54cm/ 2011

Nitto Pearl 9

Pelizzoli double crown/ Campagnolo record

Diacompe Grancompe / H+son formation face / Continental Gatorskin 23mm

Diacompe Grancompe / H+son formation face / Continental Gatorskin 23mm

Campagnolo Record pista / Campagnolo Centaur

Campagnolo Chorus aero

MKS royal nuevo + MKS cages + Fubar doublestraps / DID NJS chain


Frame&fork: Pelizzoli Leggenda 54cm Exciting Blue
Headset: 90’s Campagnolo Record
Wheels: Diacompe Grancompe / H+Son Formation Face
Tires: Continental Gator Skin 23
Chainset: Campagnolo Record Pista 48t
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Centaur
Pedals: Royal Nuevo + MKS cages + Fubar straps
Cogs (fix-fix): EAI Steel 17&14t
Lockrings: Sugino
Chain: DID 1/8
Post: Campagnolo chorus aero
Seat: Kashimax Aero
Stem &Drop : Nitto Pearl 9 & Nitto b123 + strong-V grips

Finally finished my build. Been working on it for quite some time and so glad to have it done. Rides like a dream and is one heck of a fast ride outside of the velodrome as well! I built it for everyday use so the parts may not be the lightest but they're strong and sensibly priced.

More info at

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beautiful bike, I have been

beautiful bike, I have been search for a new frame for quite some time now and I think you just made my mind. Thank you velospace for the random button!

Random button generates

Random button generates loads of "needs" very quickly ;D


How much did you pay for the frame? Btw, what a beauty

I paid 635€ including

I paid 635€ including postage so I consider this a bargain for what an incredible frame you get!


how does the frame size feel. i know of c'dale tracks feeling larger than their measurements. how much do these go for?

Actually fits smaller. My

Actually fits smaller. My Cannondale is a 58cm and I ride a 54-55cm and my Cdale fits just a tad big

sick build bro


Can't wait for mine

Beautiful build. My mate's ordered the same frame, and I've gotten myself the steel Pista GP which should be in anytime next week...we can't wait. Happy to know yours turned out great. How long did you wait for the frame? We ordered ours mid April.

I waited for 2 months for

I waited for 2 months for mine to arrive. What size & color did you order your Pista GP? Can't wait to see it since my girl's been lusting after one for a while. Thinking bout getting one for her..

About right

Mine's a Pearl White in size 56. there's a similar colour on the Pelizzoli website.

That's gonna be one sweet

That's gonna be one sweet ride! Hit me up with some photos since you get yours because I'm trying to decide on whether or not to get one custom built for my wife... in pearl white :)

Have you seen the Mint Green and Violet options?

They weren't available when I ordered mine but they look really nice. I'll post pics once it's built up...hopefully by this week. Components nowhere near as beautiful as yours though. It's beautiful.


THe mint green is a sweet color. Considering that too. Looking forwards to seeing your build mate!

In case the lady needs more convincing...

That bike was.

That bike was amazing. Absolutely loved it. I actually just got an email from pelizzoli yesterday and things are looking good. I'm putting in quite a few tweaks for the frame to make it work for her in the city.

i've been

thinkin' about these frames for quite a while and i like em ... hope it rides as nice as is looks ...

Breath taking

This build is absolutely amazing. Where did you find it? I checked the website and they have lots of colors to choose from.

Had to order everything

Had to order everything straight from the guy himself! Theyre a fantastic company with brilliant customer service!

This is awesome! If only it

This is awesome! If only it had a sloping top tube it would look just like the Cannondale track!

Very nice, I am looking to

Very nice, I am looking to get one of these ASAP!

Thanks. get one, you won't

Thanks. get one, you won't regret it!


nice build! would you happen to know what the rake on that fork is? I was thinking about ordering the green one. Great build!

Don't remember the rake but

Don't remember the rake but I gotta say there's a bunch of overlap with the toes. Took a few weeks to get used to it but not a problem any more.

I've been wondering myself should I try to find a fork with longer rake to minimize toe overlap for winter riding but don't really know where to start. I've seen some good ones on the 'dales.

Gotta say it's one heck of a bike to ride. Amazing bike.

wound up

I believe the geometry is pretty close to c'dale track and would probably be a 28mm rake. You should consider wound-up as their track forks have a 35mm rake. It's a bit more relaxed. If cannondale re-released their track, it would look like this! I'll most likely pick one up to compare it to my cannondale. Enjoy it!

Geo is similar but this

Geo is similar but this looks like the wheelbase is a bit longer than the Cdale



hello,i want know does

hello,i want know does this bike for sell?and the price?

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