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Look 496

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike
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Look 496 track, small

VO2, look ergostem

Zipp 808 or Zipp 404

Zipp 900 disc or Zipp 404

Sugino 75, Dura ace 7610

Selle italia SLR carbonio saddle, look

Look keo blade carbon, Izumi super toughness NJS


This bike is a thing of beauty, no matter where it's ridden. I'm wicked stoked about it. Props.

sad people

man all you guys on ths post about this bike are such haters man i have never seen such a large bunch of poor evious and jelosus people can you just acept that this is his bike he has wanted to post on this blog the samae way you guys are posting images of your bikes live and let live and what is with the racist coments about him being chinesse so cus of his race he is not aloud to own a high end bike so what stop telling people what to ride and if you want to start any rubbish with me i am black/african and i am shocked and discusted by your comments on this blog sad people

and if you want to know i ride a fuji track 1.0 rotor aero track crank set 88mm wheels carbon sram carbon brake leavers and a cycle computer and love riding it everyday on the road to work and to races


this like is worth over 14,000 and is just for riding around the city. do you not think thats a little absurd & highly impractical? Also what "races" do you ride your track bike with brakes in?no one is being racist, they are alluding to the fact that if you look at the fixed gear scene in asia you will see crazy amounts of money spent on track bikes for the street.

oh gawd...its as bad it

oh gawd...its as bad it gets. its owned by some chubby chinese dude in nike sb's. enjoy that ramen, chubs.

y u mad tho

y u mad tho

he ate my ramen. problem?

he ate my ramen. problem?

msg will kill you!

msg will kill you!


The worms will appreciate your increase in flavor though! ...Man, all this hating is so very unbecoming and you can eat noodles healthfully. Sexy bike, can't deny it, and I don't care who rides it.

Deep V's

I would especially laugh hard if this had a Deep V or B43 on a formula hub... and an aero spoke...
'sigh' when I finish school maybe I could afford something comparable for my track bike... to use on the track...

I cringed a couple of

I cringed a couple of times,

the only thing worst than to

the only thing worst than to see the actual owners of the bike...was to see a kid playing bike polo with a rear zipp disc.

okay, you have to draw the line somewhere..

cervelo t1 fixed whip, okay... Look 496 that does not see that track, just plain wrong. Love this fuqqing bike though.

What's it to ya?

Maybe the guy's able to deliver bowls of noodles faster on this thing.



get a grip

get a grip


dude, that's a dope fixie

You're not the only one riding a LOOK 496 on the streets of HK buddy! Haha!


That guy is from Japan and that is a Look KG396! hahahaha!!

Same difference. I like

Same difference.

I like that it has plastic cages on it, and a little tiny wimpy chainring.



I just might add

that your photographs are awesome as well.


At least this one is clipless, haha.


better be track only. otherwise i might cry.

asia fixed gear championships

i feel like i saw this bike in the video of the recent asia fixed gear championships.

I actually think this may be

I actually think this may be for the street. I would not doubt it because all those Asian fixie-riders have been building up olympic quality track bikes... to ride on the street only.

What hints at this is the HUGE cog (looks like a 18t-19t). I don't know the gear ratio, but it looks super low.... so low that NO ONE would ever ride that kind of gearing on the track.

On top of all this... if this was being used by a professional track racer... they would not be using a Sugino 75 and 75 chainring. They are just way too flexy for large sprinters. Seem's silly to have a 7,000.00 dollar frame, and put mid-range cranks/chainring on it. All the power goes into the cranks, so it silly having just run-of-the-mill Sugino 75's.

Finally... UCI rules state that the bottom of the drop bar cannot come inline with or drop below the top of the front tire. Although super close... it appears this bike does.

I'm gonna have to call this a street-fixie FAIL.

if the guy has the money and

if the guy has the money and likes riding bikes let him do his thing, its a nice bike. so no fail at all.

to be totally honest i think the amount of money he putts in a street bike is just as ''silly'' as the amount of time, money and the frequency you change your equipment for someone riding cat4.

not even going to start about the sugino 75's not beeing stiff enough, prrrt.

stop hating

This bike is worth upward of

This bike is worth upward of 10,000.00 dollars. That's absolutely astonishing... especially for someone that may not be track racing. I don't care how people spend their money, but I just find it completely mind-blowing.

If you want to get personal with this conversation... I'll have you know, I have not changed bikes since last years racing season. I have ONE bike and two sets of wheels... nothing else. On top of that, I may be only a Cat 4, but I'm leading overall in 1st and have taken podium EVERY race of the season this year and will be a Cat 3 in a couple weeks.

Sugino 75's are amazing cranks and surely stiff enough for probably even the strongest of track sprinters. But if stiffness is such a concern that you require the stiffest frame on the market... you are not going to skimp out on not having the stiffest of cranks. Something like the Grand Mighty's or actually SRM Track cranks would be more suited for such a high caliper of a build.


Yeah, uh, you probably mean a high 'calibre' of build, not caliper. A caliper is that thing on your brakes...

I wouldn't normally bring this kind of thing up, but you want to hate this bike because it cost a lot of $$$, well maybe your hated back because you can't spell...

Typo. Does not matter.

Typo. Does not matter.

I wasnt getting personal

I wasnt getting personal note the " " on silly. Just stating how for other people your bikes might seem like a waste of money aswell. judging by the url the has a bikeshop, good promo having something like this in your shop window/around the shop.

Completely Agree!

So sad to see such an amazing bike go to waste! :/

Why would you even want to ride this frame with those ridiculous drop bars with a disc wheel on the street!! No thank you sounds miserable!

Use it on the track or spend your massive amounts of money on a pro level ROAD bike!

Screw it

I think it would be a blast to ride it on smooth pavement only. Obviously not a waste to the owner of this awesome bike.

That's it I'm moving and

That's it I'm moving and getting a job at a bike shop in HK

let me

rent out your closet ;)


Thats one helluva bike. Looks like you've got quite the stable. Mad props.


I don't usually like modern track frames. But this look is an exception! Awesome build!! Looks like it's for track only.

Man, that is

so awesome! It must weigh like...nothing.


Actually no. Track frames are relatively heavy compared to road frames. It's the price you pay for stiffness...

That disc pro weighs it down

That disc pro weighs it down

OK, with the 404s

it must weigh like nothing.

these look frames are quite

these look frames are quite heavy to be honest, they arent made to be light, just to be stiff and aerodynamic. frame only weighs in at 1700grams for a size M, fork another 640 grams including a headset. weighs about 200 grams more for the frame only than most aluminum track bikes.

OK, point taken

Yeah, I noticed some aluminum is lighter than carbon fiber, and stiffer.

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