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1985 Diamondback Apex 1x7 City Hybrid

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Tange Infinity MTB tapered & double butted Cr-Mo Tubes - 56cm - 1985

Flopped and chopped MTB bars with bar ends, wrapped with bar tape

Tange Infinity MTB Cr-Mo steel fork blades, Tange Falcon headset

Shimano Exage hub, Araya rim, Kenda K838 slick rubber

Shimano Exage free hub, Araya rim, Kenda K838 slick rubber

Shimano B124 cranks on Shimano BB

Vetta saddle on SR Laprade seatpost

Single thumb shifter for Shimano Altus rear derailleur

DiaCompe 128 levers, Shimano cantilever front brake, Tektro Ubrake in rear

46T front ring, 7 speed in rear

Fat tires

This build takes inspiration from road, MTB and fixed gear bikes. One chainring and a simple thumb shifter makes for easy maintenance and a super fun ride!

I got the frameset with yellow rack from my LBS; it had just been sitting in the shop for a while so I asked about it, and the owner sold it to me for a good price.

Parts were taken from two cheap donor bikes and stuff I had on hand. Future plans include skinnier tires, drop handlebars, and upgrading the derailleur (current derailleur ghost shifts like a mo-fo)

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Still awesome

ATB I found a near perfect 94 Specialized Stumpjumper in olive green without a mark on it and all original.Your bike is still my insperation for a 26 inch fat tired touring,commuter,grocery getter.It will be my fast cycle-truck and can pull my trailer.I was watching a bike just like yours on e-bay but it was bringing more cash than I could come up with.Those Apex 's are my favorite Diamondback ever,sweet sweet ride.


ATB The more I looked at this bike the more I wanted one. Instead of single speeding my 94 Rockhopper, I took it the 1x7 city bike rout.My wife's Specialized Expedition donated it's rear rack,she doesn't ride much anyway.I used my single Schwinn friction shifter and it works fine.Just need some Continental Town and Country tires.It will also pull my trailer.Mine won't look as nice as yours though,that thing looks brand new,stunning bike dude.

Awesome :D

Awesome :D I thought about single speeding this one too but I would have needed a chain tensioner and I figured if I'm not going to get the clean SS chainline, might as well just put a rear derailleur on there :D

This is my favorite bike now.. so comfy for city riding and the gear range is perfect for flat land. I can cruise in low gears and actually get going pretty fast in the higher gears.

Bar change

ATB I removed the flat,straight stock handlebar and installed an inverted narrowed tourist bar.They drop maybe 1.5 inches and sweep back nicely.Bmx hinged levers and WTB original grips just fit and the cockpit fell in place just the way I like. I am working on pics.

sounds like a real cruiser

sounds like a real cruiser with that cockpit :D ive got bmx levers on the Diamondback too. they work great for short bars


Beautiful bike, love the yellow and red accents.
Nice to see that you actually have some spokes in the spare-holder on the chainstay.

hah... yeah the spokes came

hah... yeah the spokes came with the frame :) I need to get a third one. They function as a chainstay protector as well as spare holder :)

Beautiful machine

ATB This is a really cool and eye catching bike.The U-brake is really bad ass.I am tossing around the idea of a similar build on my 94 Specialized Rockhopper.I wish it could take a U-brake.

fun project, but...

you should really get a road frame if you want to put drop handlebars on it. It will be worth it. I've been on the same journey myself, road-ifyng my hybrid until I finally found a road bike at a yard sale. At that point I forgot all about the hybrid and sold it.

I have a road bike already

I have a road bike already (see profile) ;) This is for fun and for cruising. Drop handlebars are more comfortable for me.. I get wrist pain really easily with almost every other kind of handlebar.

This is the second mountain bike I've set up as a hybrid.. the first one had even more obstacles to drops (1-1/8 headset, vbrakes) so I didn't convert. This bike doesn't have those issues.

I already I have everything I need to convert to drops except a bar end shifter and a fork mounted cable guide. If/when I acquire those items on the cheap, then I will convert over. :)

go for it!

That makes sense. Drops really are the best, so why not use them?

Have you ever tried drops on a mountain bike off-road?

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