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'98 Purple 3Rensho

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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3rensho / 51(?)

B125AA / Nitto Pearl ---- Syntace Stratos / Nitto Pearl

3rensho / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

SSP / CR 18

SSP / CR 18

Campagnolo Record / Dura Ace

Selle Italia Flite / Thomson

Time ATAC / PC-1

Campagnolo Record 49 / Dura Ace 16

Finally obtained my dream frame! Sorry for the picture quality, will upload a better one soon. Enjoy!

Big Thanks to Brooksy, Seaneee, and Mike Martin.

*Re-lacing ssp hubs to open pro cds/ceramics

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did you sell the GT? how are you digging going back to steel? The first ride on the street going back to steel was weird.. felt mushy and sluggish compared to the GTB, but now I realize that the GT just felt fast because it was so jarring.

Yeah, I sold the gt. The

Yeah, I sold the gt. The rensho is definitely a lot more twitchier than the gt, I think the tight geometry of it makes it that way. It's funny that you mention the comparison between the gt and your corex (which is awesome btw!) because I feel the same way. The rensho does feel a bit slower than my gt but then again it could be that I used drops on the gt. I'm fixated on the syntace bullhorns at the moment.

Very Nice//

Look a tad larger than a 51.. I would say 52.5-53??? Build up legit!!

That's what I thought but

That's what I thought but compared to my old GTB, which was a 52, it sits lower. Unless keirin sizing runs a little smaller? But anyway, thank you for the comment! Love your old nagasawa and your Samson (still have it?).


Brother has the Samson.. I have a new nagasawa and a OG built 92 Cannondale track...

Post them up!

Post them up!

Too lazy!

I need to for sure!!

nice color

nice color

Thanks, you have a sweet

Thanks, you have a sweet stable of bikes!

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