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1986 Nishiki Tri-A Recycle find

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Nishiki by Kawamura Tange 1 tubing / 58cm / 1986


Nishiki Tange 1 / Shimano 600

Velocity Aerohead / Vittoria Zaffro

Velocity Aerohead / Vittoria Zaffro

Sugino Biopace / Shimano 600

Brooks B-17 Heritage / Sugino SP-KC

Shimano 600

Shimano 600

Shimano 600

Recycle Center find for 26 bucks. The second picture is exactly how I found it and took it home. The front wheel was a stock bronze Araya which unfortunately didn't have a matching rear. If I could find some deep section bronze rims with machined braking surfaces I'd get some. I might need to have them custom built.

The bike is my main roller right now and I love it so much I'm planning on finding a nicer wheelset just for it. Just bought a Blue Brooks B-17, planning a new wrapscheme and I'm slowly restoring the paint and will eventually do some detailing on the lugs. I spend all my time on the middle of the bars or the hoods, so I'm considering bullhorns. I'm also gonna go with a shorter stem with much more pullback.

Nishiki translated from Japanese means "brocade from the finest golden material". Pretty much sums up how I feel.

It's a fast streetbike and rides supple. It's just a joy, pure & simple.

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Love the bike, need some help

Your bike looks great, would love to see what you have done to it now. I actually got an 86 olympic also. I would love to update the old wheels to a new set but wasnt quite sure what I would need. If I get a rear wheel with a Shimano 7-9 speed hub; what do I need to do to make sure I can still shift properly. Did you need to get a cassette to replace the freewheel, and if so what else did you need to swap out. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey there, love the Maryland Edition Nishiki you got.

..I bought a used set of Velocity wheels which I think are Aeroheads, it had a Shimano cassette on the rear wheel already- it was pretty much a bolt-on affair. I I basically installed a seat, wheels/tires, and a chain, and was ready to ride. Does yours come with Shimano 600 like mine? It rides really nicely I gotta say.

My bike hasn't changed at all, I never use the drops so I'm thinking of going with bullhorns and different brake levers. I ride this bike alot, and I feel like rewarding it with some new parts.

Lucy Find

I would have trouble controlling my bladder if I found this bike for

Great comments my friend.

I was thinking of Aero levers and new wrap is coming. It's indeed a 58. I'm about 6'1"and raised the seat from when I first rode it. I'm actually swapping stems to a shorter one soon.

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