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Pink Bob Jackson Funny Bike         Featured Bike! on 09/21/2011

Bike tags: Road bike | 24 | 700C | 80s | fillet brazed | more tags >>
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Bob Jackson Fillet Brazed Pursuit/ 52cm/ 80s

Cinelli LA84/ Cinelli 1A old logo

Bob Jackson/ Mavic 315

24" Sun M13II/ Shimano 105/ Kenda Koncept

Campagnolo Triomphe/ 700c Campagnolo Victory Crono/ Tufo Jet Special

T.A. Specialites/ Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Concor Profil/ Kalloy

Shimano 600/ Shimano

Dura Ace/ Dura Ace

Team Modolo/ Shimano 105

T.A. Specialites Criterium/ Regina

Oh yeah!!!

One of the nicest time trial bikes I've seen in a long time. Love those curves on Bob Jackson frames.


Thanks for the kind words. It is definitely fast, especially now that I have longer cranks on it.


Yep. I'm a big fan of this bike. Beautiful.

Thank You

The LA84 bullhorns has to be trimmed down a bit for better braking. I just improved the drivetrain by switching out the 48t 165mm TA crankset with a 52t 170mm Suntour Superbe CW1000 crankset.


This is doing it right


Thanks for the kind words. The bike is in a lot better condition than when I got it off of Craigslist in Philly.

I love the lines on this

I love the lines on this thing. Look at the way the seat tube hugs the rear wheel. I wish my Basso were that tight!

Thanks ColumbusSLX

All of your bikes are put together just so. I love them. The C Record parts on the Basso blow me away. Although the clearances aren't as tight as the Bob Jackson, the Basso frame is a jewel.

love this

all your bikes are awesome but this is special!


Thanks. I like your Scapin. Must be a blast riding that in Brooklyn, especially in Williamsburg.

double post



Simple fantastic. I can't tell you how long I've been looking to buy a low profile pursuit frame, I'm incredibly jealous. Those bars are awesome. Hey and thanks for adding my weird looking Schwinn!

Thanks Man,

I've had all kinds of funny looking bikes. All I know is they are fun to ride.


Looks awesome


One of the bikes I brought back from the mainland.


Hola¡ this is a pink panter bike, hahaha, so amazing lowprofile bike. bellisima. "Sweet dreams in the way," ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz. from Mexico DF city​​.


Hehe, it's a fun bike to ride.

This bike blows my mind.

This bike blows my mind. Like an acid trip on wheels.


it gives me a flashback and a headrush at the same time!



Too Much

Yeah, that was a little too much.


Nice, I really like your lo-pro Jackson! True classic, beautiful fillet brazing, and awesome components. Must be one heck of an interesting ride, and I'm sure it turns a lot of heads.

Thank you.

Good eye for detail. About the turning heads part, it's really fun when I'm hauling ass.


This is one of the craziest and most beautiful frames I have ever seen. Those bullhorns are insane!

Thank You.

Got to admit this is one of my gems.


Oh oh my GOODness! What a whip! I have a thing for funny bikes, this is the hottest I have seen in a while or ever. I nearly wept when I came across this bike.

Hehe, thanks.

Your Bruce Gordon funny bike is very special also. I'm glad I got to see it. Bikes must keep you busy.

Lets just say...

... we are both rockin some of the rarest bikes on earth. Yours is sugar sweet though, WOWSER!


That handlebar is sexy, and lickable :P Yum!

..The Mighty Chewbacca Approves this Message!


Got them NOS. Can't bring myself to cut them down. They are the kind that's in your face like JUMP UP JUNGLE.


God I love uncut LA84's, so brutally long and ridiculous, though I found the tempo to be a more comfortable bar.

This bike is dope. Are you a messenger in philly by chance?

Tempos are nice

The LA84 definitely looks ridiculous with the 24" front wheel. Ah, what the heck, it's a funny bike. Thanks for the comments. I did messenger work in Philly. It had its ups and downs. I can't get over your Hutch Pro Racer. Guy I work with has a Trick Star. So badass! I, on the other hand, have a Taiwan made Exel. Oh, well.

Who needs

a girlfriend when you have a bike like this? :P

A girlfriend

that rides a bike like this. Then your talking.

ahah yeah

I guess that would be prettty much perfect, well played

Love it!

I like the TA set up. I was lucky enough to buy the complete range of TA rings. From 26 up to 74. Though I use the low and middle range these days on my touring bike set up with a triple. Just love the way TA and Stronglight were interchangeable.
Kindest Regards


Thanks a bunch

Most people get frustrated with the T.A. and Stronglight stuff. Once you get the crank remover and get a good match for a spindle, then it's good. Some of the French stuff is really nice.

French stuff

Especially Mavic. Great equipment. I have Zapp and Mektronic and love the systems. I have never had a problem with either though I like the Zapp more because the rear gear is so much more better looking and sits better on a bike. I am looking for another zapp system to put on a Tt bike.I am negotiating with a seller to buy Chris Boardmans 1997/8 TT prologue frame. Now that would be something. Its a Hotta finished in Pearl white and with Eddy Merkx decals.

kindest regards


I like the set up

on your Pinarello. That stuff looks really rare. Would be really cool if you get the TT Prologue frame. I'm building up a tubular wheelset with a pair of vintage Mavic track hubs with sealed bearings. They roll smooth as glass.

I know.

If you ever hear of a TT frame going then please tell me.

Kindest regards


There is Pinarello TT

and an Olmo TT on eBay right now. They look like they could be your size. Other than that, I don't know of any other TT frames. I'll let you know if something comes up though.

I shall

Check them out.

Many many thanks


Added to 50.4 cluster

Those handlebars are scary. What's the toothcount on the chainring? It's professional/criterium-drilled 152 BCD; the smallest inner ring was 43T, which makes sense for a TT bike.

It's a 48t up front.

Really tight chainstay clearance for chainring and 165mm cranks. The drivetrain set up is the same as when I purchased it except the bb. It had a generic sealed one with jis tapers. There are no accommodations for front derailleur nor shifter. The original bars were the Modolos that are on the Harry Quinn now. I have seen the LA84 bars cut shorter on other pusuit bikes. I don't plan on cutting these bars. I'll be posting another build soon with a 50.4 BCD T.A. Specialites Adaptor w/Pista chainring.


i noticed that clearance, it's a little scary. i would be looking for a slightly longer spindle but i'm sure you'll get it worked out. the t.a. cranks and chanrings are a nice touch, i love the way those look. sweet brakes, too. in all, a total find.

That is a good observation

I might be changing out the bottom bracket again. Thank you for your kind words.

TA/Stronglight 50.4 cranksets

...usually recommend a spindle a few millimeters longer than a comparable Campy for similar applications. Stronglight's no.26 catalog recommends:

Track: 113mm ISO
Double: 118.5-120mm ISO
Triple: 123-125.5mm ISO
Tandem: 130mm ISO

TA's 1983 catalog recommends:

Track: 111.5mm ISO
Double: 114.5mm ISO
Triple: 118-121.5mm ISO

Sutherland's has even longer lengths for some configurations. They recommend longer lengths for Stronglight 5-arm cranks (122/128/144 BCD) than for 5-pin 50.4 BCD: 120-123 for doubles, 125-126 for triples.

This, of course, is in contrast to the 110-111mm that's normal for single-ring Campy.

I think Stronglight spindles have the length marked on them. Older TA spindles only have a model number:

TA 314 = 111.5
TA 344 = 114.5
TA 373 = 118
TA 374 = 121.5

Eaglerock, Thank You

That is very useful information and makes perfect sense. I noticed with the T.A. cranks that the Campagnolo spindles slip further into them.

Right; because old-taper Campy spindles...

...are shorter than ISO (they taper down to a larger square), although they're longer than JIS. The length of the tapered section of the spindle is longer, relative to the total spindle length.

If total spindle lengths are equal, a JIS crank will move inwards on a Campy spindle and further inwards on an ISO spindle, compared to chainline on a JIS spindle. Contrariwise, an ISO crank (like the TA) will move outward on a Campy spindle (of the loose-ball era; post-'93 Record/Chorus BBs are ISO) and further outward on a JIS spindle. An NR/SR/GS/C-Record era Campy crank will move slightly inward on an ISO spindle and slightly outward on a JIS spindle.

As always, Sheldon has the math.

Wait, though; you said the Campy spindle sat in deeper? Compared to what? How much meat do you have left in the spindle hole of the crankarm? It may be that the spindle hole is beat enough that the spindle is bottoming out and coming close to the crankbolt. A JIS spindle might help in this case, because the end square is larger than both Campy and ISO, so it'll lock up further back in the hole (pushing the crankarms further out, and giving you some metal to clamp down against). If that's not the issue, then you just need a spindle a few millimeters longer. It might be wise to pull the crank and take it with you while you're checking spindles, to be sure you get a good fit. Do you have a TA crank puller?

Sorry for the confusion

The T.A. crank sits further in than a Campagnolo crank on a Campagnolo spindle. Although the T.A. crank sits further out on a JIS taper I don't think it's a good idea because the tapers do not match up. I really appreciate the information about the differences between tapers. Especially about the post '93 Record/Chorus spindles. I've only tried out the older Campagnolo stuff. So if I don't get a hold of either a T.A. or Stronglight spindle, I'll go with either longer, older ISO or Newer ISO. I was finally able to get a T.A. crank puller. Getting the correct chainring bolts for T.A. is a challenge also. OK (edit) Sheldon mixed ISO and JIS. He's always been a great reference.

Yes, he is; and I've mixed JIS and ISO too

I'm doing it right now on my Raleigh, which has (or at least has had) an ISO-taper crankset and a JIS spindle. I just grabbed a bunch of Shimano spindles out of the junk box at the bike kitchen, and kept swapping until the chainrings cleared properly. At the time, I had no Stronglight or TA spindles; I was just trying to improvise something that would work until I could afford a Phil Wood. Eighteen months later...

An important takeaway point from Sheldon's explanation: The tapers (angle) of ISO, Campy and JIS are identical - 2º from centerline. It's the length of the taper run that differs; ISO has a longer taper, so the square at the end is smaller, so it fits further in the crankarm, so it brings the crankarms closer to the centerline. JIS has the shortest taper, ending in the biggest square, so it won't get nearly so deep in a non-JIS crankset, so it sets the arms further out.

Chainring bolts for TA is my current seethe. They're tiny; they're made out of wussy-soft steel (French bike tech seemed to have a taste for soft metal alloys in both steel and aluminum until sometime in the 80s), and they're threaded at 0.75 thread pitch, unlike the 0.8 used by almost everyone else. There's a discussion going on on the Classic Rendezvous list among some of the 50.4 fans about fabricating a range of appropriate chainring bolts out of stainless steel, preferably with normal 0.8 threading. That way, if you lose a bolt, you can walk into a hardware store and pull a standard bolt out of a box, thread it in and limp home.

TA (and similar old Stronglight) bolt holes are 7mm, rather than the now more common 8mm used by Campagnolo and their many imitators, which became the standard. Velo Orange sells a stainless steel bolt kit for their new fake-TA Grand Cru crankset, which is 50.4/80 BCD; it includes the five crankarm-to-chainwheel bolt sets, plus six chainwheel-to-chainwheel bolt sets. If you're running a single ring, you drop the double-chainring bolts into your parts box where they will disappear forever (like my Phil Wood BB wrench, ooooooo). At , they're less than you'll usually pay on eBay or at a swap for a set of soft retro Ref.25 crank-chainring bolts anyway.

They're fine, if you don't care about looking orig with little hex bolts. I'm betting they're far more rugged; I've trashed a number of TA's soft steel bolts by torquing the heads off, losing both the bolt and the nut with the severed stump inside. The one downside is that they still haven't released a set for triple rings.

My own brute force fix has been stainless M6 caphead machine screws with Allen attachments, backed up with stainless Nylock nuts. They are horribly ugly, and they don't fit the holes perfectly, so you have to fiddle to get the rings to run round. But they don't break, and they don't move. I carry a full replacement set of M6 bolts in my saddlebag, just in case.

I feel a lot more comfortable

about mixing JIS and ISO now. I've checked out Velo Orange before and you are right about them having some sensible stuff. I have been eyeing the hammered fenders on their site. If I have T.A. chainring bolt issues again, I'll probably just order stuff from them. That's a bummer there's nothing for triples. Thanks Eaglerock for the very useful information.

I've emailed them, and I've bitched on their blog

The response has always been "supply will be determined by demand"; IOW, the more people holler that they want triples (or for that matter, a cheaper set for SS/FG people that includes only the crank/chainring bolts), the more likely VO is to put one together. Essentially, the only difference between a double and a triple is a longer nut and an extra spacer per bolt set; the bolts themselves are the same shorty things they use for everything. Personally, I'd be a lot happier if there were chainring nuts with the same threading as Campagnolo's M5 hex bolts; they're widely available for attaching toeclips and bottlecages, and they're quite rugged.

Yeah, I don't get it.

If Velo Orange is going to cater to cyclists that are into touring, why wouldn't they think of supplying triple chainring bolts. I'll email them about it also. Using chainring nuts with the same threading as Campagnolo's M5 hex bolts makes a lot of sense.


Is this any help?

Kindest regards


Thanks Splined, that's it!

I tried the address again and it worked. Those are the triple chainring bolts Eaglerock and I were talking about. Do you have to be a dealer/retailer to order from Euroasia? I like their products.

I'm pretty sure you do

I suspect that's where Rene Herse in Colorado gets their TA stuff, but they're out of stock on all the TA bolts right now.

TA stopped making cyclotouriste chainrings and bolts three years ago, and I'm guessing the few US retailers who carried them, like Velo Orange and Harris Cycles, are running out their stock. If someone's site has an "out of stock" notice, I'm not optimistic that there will be any more. But who knows? Perhaps I'll talk to one of the track-ier retailers, and see if they're still available; most of the stores I know that stock a lot of EAI stuff tend to be heavily aimed at FG buyers.

Wow, you really know what's up

I was trying to remember what I purchased a long time ago from Rene Herse. It was a Campagnolo track axle. Sellers on eBay were asking too much at the time. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I couldn't figure out why vintage T.A. stuff is so expensive. Now I know. And yes, EAI is big on track gear. I had to try out their top of the line track cog just to see what the fuss was about. Really nice stuff. I'm sure a lot of Randonneur riders are hoping someone will pull through by supplying triple chainring bolts for vintage T.A. and Strongligh cranks. I would love to build up the UO8 with some fancy stuff.


Why not just go yo France instead. I am sure there must be someone that sells them.

Kindest regards

I can't afford to go to France

but I do buy off of Vintage Bikes, a eBay seller in France. I've also bought stuff off of Sylver Cycles, another eBay seller in France. (Edit) I think I took your comment too literally.

Well A trip to France couldbe good.

You could try Evans Cycles in the UK. They used to be a really good touring bike shop. They may be helpful. At the moment I am in Macau. Not many TA specialists here.

I shall keep my eyes open and maybe get sets made here.

kindest regards


Hmm Evans Cycles, I look them up.

Thanks. Splined, you don't seem to be having trouble finding some really nice stuff.

Nice stuff

Well I buy a great deal from Geoff Burgess in Hungary. he runs a company called he is great and a good friend. if he does not have anything he can usually find it for me. He visits Italy often and has a lot of contacts. I recently bought a superb collection of DeRosa Cinquanta group pieces. all carbon and dark blue. Also Danillo DeLucas TT bars that weigh around 4 35 gramms. As I said, have a look. You will like it.

kindest regards


As the Evans shop about TA stuff. They should have some on a back shelf somewhere.

has some really nice stuff. I'll continue to visit the site, and Evans too. Thanks for the info. Right now, I've got to put some money aside for couple of frames my friends are selling. One is a vintage Ideor Track frame and the other is a newer Octane BMX frame. Oh, bikes.

lol,lol !!

Yes I know that feeling. I am awaiting a Colnago Olympic in mint condition from Matuzmaster and I am going to buy the White Mauro he has. Beautiful frame. Oh bikes and I do have an understanding wife as well.

Take care now.

kindest regards



I think I'm gonna pass on the bmx for now. The Ideor is too good too pass up. I couldn't stop looking at the frames on the Matuzmaster site. It's im my favorites. Look forward to seeing your Colnago Olympic build. (Edit) I just got the Ideor frameset. Turns out it's a road frame, but a beautiful one. It's a 1960 all chrome lugged and pinstiped frameset with original headset, seatpost binder clamp, headbadge, and bb. It looks like a perfect fit.


Bought the Super Record gruppo from Matuzmaster and I am looking forward to putting it on a Bianchi steel frame from the early 90's. When I get the Colnago I ill post the pics. I hope your happy with the road frame you got. Have a look at the white Maurohere:-

Its the white one.

Lovely frame.

Kindest regards


My Goodness!

Wow, that is some serious bike porn. That frameset is off the hook! Mine has a bit more patina, hehe. I am pleased with it nevertheless. You are putting together the Moser also. We both have several projects going.

Too many

Projects on the go. I can after all only ride one bike at a time.


Glad you liked the frame.

Kindest regards



How many times have we heard that one?

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