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Dolan Forza

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | corima | Zipp
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Dolan Forza, 51.1cm, 2011

Profile design wing OS, 3T ARX LTD carbon stem

Wing pista, FSA carbon

Corima 4 spoke

Zipp 900 disc

Sram red crank, sugino chainring

Selle italia SLR carbon rail saddle, Alpine

MKS, Izumi
Hong Kong

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You got me thinking of

You got me thinking of getting a Corima 4s for track days.

corima 4 spoke is MONEY

corima 4 spoke is MONEY

if you got it flaunt it.

How much is that front

How much is that front corima?Thanks


godamn you rich people! lol so great what else can i say :)


that's the sickest fixie I've ever seen... I would love to bust some dope skids on that!

The fact that someone build

The fact that someone built up a near 3,000.00 dollar Olympic-level track frame as their street bike... is pretty disgusting. Then to not even ride clipless pedals, is very sad.


I agree with you 2011...these guys don't know what they're talking about. At some point people need to realize that certain bikes have their place. Its just not practical to ride this bike on the street.

Do you know if this guy

Do you know if this guy doesn't ride on the track? Probably not. I ride at the velodrome, and I ride my track bike on the street to train. I doubt this guy is skidding this thing and locking up in front of bars.

If this guy did not build these bikes, I wouldn't have anything on this forum to drool over and get me psyched to ride. Fuck, if I have a McLaren, I'd ride the fuck outta that thing and show it to people in a place where appreciation is the point.

The fact that you guys have track bikes on the street with no brakes kinda makes you a hypocrite in the first place, no?

even though i hate you right

even though i hate you right now.


Hate me all you want, but if

Hate me all you want, but if we ever met me on the street the first thing I'd do is ask you to go on a crazy-ass bike ride, no brakes, in SF and Marin county and you would love it.

Keep riding.

ill hafta take you up on

ill hafta take you up on that!

family in burlingame & south city during newyears im up there.

ive yet to ride in SF, scared of the hills but im sure its a thrill i need to experience.


They are scary as fuck, but

They are scary as fuck, but you'll love it. Also, an out and back to Fairfax or Point Reyes is totally doable on fix. And if you want to do a fast-paced ride out here–Paradise Loop in Tiburon is a nice fast set of rollers with an awesome view of SF at the end.

Just got back from an

Just got back from an awesome night with friends and I see this. Great night.

If anyone's interested in

If anyone's interested in ride routes some of us OG SF fixed gear riders take check out the "Tell About your Ride" thread in

I don't recall if there's a a thread here along those lines.

u are very sad

u are very sad


You are a tool. And a jealous one at that. Find somewhere else to act like a jerk.

Why not Omniums though?

Why not Omniums though?


Yeah, seems like everything here is specced out except the crank...

Why not Omniums though?

Why not Omniums though?

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