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Schwinn Aluminum Race Series 564 / 56cm / 1989

Ram horns

Forte Axis carbon fiber


8-speed Shimano Alfine + Velocity Dyad



Welgo mini platforms

Shimano Sport LX downtube (1)

Shimano Exage Sport / Cyclo-cross levers


Not your average road bike. It's clean, simple and easy to maintain without sacrificing functionality. Instead of going with a typical derailleur setup an 8-speed internally geared hub was used. Gear-hubs streamline the bike by relocating all the shifting components to the rear axle while also sheltering them from the elements. Normally a gear-hub requires a bar mounted twist-grip or rapid fire shifter; instead, this bike uses a single down-tube shifter in order to preserve the clean aesthetic of the build. The vertical dropouts make it difficult to setup the bike without a chain-tensioner; but with a 39-16 gear ratio I was able to eliminate the need for a tensioner and remove 1 full link from the chain (Photos show 40-16 gear ration with the chain-tensioner).

-Play with gears ratios to remove chain tensioner >>>>> DONE!
-JTek downtube shifter (indexed for Alfine Gear-Hub)
-Cut off rear derailleur hanger and cable guide

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Nicely done!

No More Chain Tensioner !

I swapped out the 40t chain ring for a 39t and was able to remove a full link from the chain. This completely eliminated the need for the chain tensioner (take that, vertical dropouts!). It is now much more like the "un-fixie" I was hoping for. Pictures soon.

if thats a fixed gear cog

if thats a fixed gear cog youre riding, then you got a good chance of snapping off that chain tensioner when you resist/skid. if its a single freewheel cog...this bike isnt called a fixie

your father

cool bike

I think he knows that. He titled it the un-fixie

It says in the description that it has a 8 speed internal hub. Should be tipped off by the shifter on the downtube

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i get

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i get it...i thought was trying to pull off some spanish in the title

Nope, not Spanish

Yeah, I know the differences, haha. I've always liked minimalist fixies and single speeds, but they just aren't practical in Seattle with all the hills. I decided to go kinda in-between and gotta say, this thing is a dream to ride!

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