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Harry Quinn Pursuit Track

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Harry Quinn Pursuit Track/ 60cm/ 80s

Modolo/ Nitto 65 (Crystal)

Harry Quinn Track/ Tange

Nisi Laser/ Campagnolo Record/ Vittoria Mondiale

Nisi Mixer/ Campagnolo Record/ Specialized Armadillo

Campagnolo Gran Sport/ Miche Track

Vintage Salle San Marco Professional/ Campagnolo Nuovo Record

MKS Sylvan/ KMC

52-19/ T.A. Specialities Track/ Surly Track Cog

Slick build

Greetings from India.

A slick, zen, 'nothing extra build. Yeah I know 'twas posted ages ago, but I just saw it. Takes discipline to keep stuff off.

I raced a friend's Harry Quinn (regular frame) track bike a long time ago. Best acceleration I ever felt in a frame. That one got away . . . sigh.

Great builds. Thanks for sharing 'em.

Ashok Captain

Thank You

You have some nice builds as well, especially the Falcon. I just built up a Bob Jackson road bike. It shares some similarities with this bike. I admit to procrasinating on the photos though.




Thanks. It's amazing what you did with the Tarini.




Thanks, man. You have some really nice bikes.


Sick ass bike.!! nice build.!

Thanks, Man!

Your Nagasawa is really sweet.


well build and very nice man!


Same goes for your Bob Jackson track bike, thing is sweet.


Another great build


I like your funny bike too.

Nice tight clearances there

Hi Campystamp, when I saw your bike I thought of this;

Another Harry Quinn pursuit bike - on its way to the 1989 World Professional 5000m pursuit title.

Also a couple of vids of it and Colin Sturgess (amazing rider!)first in its original white paint job at the 88 Olympics (watch the East German Dittert shaking his head afterwards, he knew he'd been in a fight!)

Hope you enjoy! Cheers Ian

Colin Sturgess is an Amazing Rider!

Those races were both so close. It was great to see him win the second one. The Harry Quinn pursuit he's on is beautiful. Thanks Ian for sharing those with me. I enjoyed them very much.

No problem!

Glad you enjoyed them Campystamp. I'll never forget the excitement of watching Sturgess ride. The first time I saw him he was a junior riding at a meet in Herne Hill. I should have been riding myself but wasn't. I remember thinking 'he's all over the bike' not very smooth. The next time was at the nationals, he won the junior pursuit final against Boardman in 3m 38s. I hit a sandbag in qualifying (they were actually filled with sand and rock hard) which destroyed my front wheel, which evenyually collapsed and sent me over the bars! I was on for a 3.53 which would have qualified me 3rd or 4th fastest. It was amazing seeing his pursuits, he'd often make up five seconds on a schedule in just one lap! In the roadmans 10 min pursuit at Herne Hill he and Darryl webster were the last two riders on the track, with a minute to go Sturgess went ballistic and nearly caught Webster (started opposite, it was a big track). Before the 88 Olympics,at Leicester,he won the National points race, leading out practically every sprint with no one coming round him and made up a lap on the bunch. Sorry for enthusing, it was the best cycling I've ever watched!


Wow, sounds to me you really experienced competition cycling. I find the details fascinating. Cyclists are a tough breed. For example, Merckx finishing a race with a broken jaw, Shelley Evans losing some teeth in a velodrome pile up and then racing the following day. I guess my days of excitement were on the streets of Philly as a courier.

wow, the frame modification

wow, the frame modification is so much better than the original look!


It's better for cutting through the wind.

sweet harry quinn!

sweet harry quinn!


I had issues with building it up, but glad I did.

Beautiful bike! you said the

Beautiful bike! you said the frame was repaired? what was wrong with it?

Thanks for the comment.

My friend gave me this frame when I bought a wheelset from him. This was his first Harry Quinn track frame. He has another one. When he got this one, it had a stuck seatpost in it. He could not get it out so he took the torch to it. Instead of keeping the frame geometry original, he opted to make it into a pursuit frame. Good or bad? Great for me. I got the frameset for free!

Wait, so you changed the

Wait, so you changed the frames geometry completely?? that's crazy awesome! can you link me to a picture of a frame with the original geo?

I didn't.

My friend did when he had to remove the stuck post. Here's a link to a frame similar to what this one looked like. Harry Quinn

is your friend a frame

is your friend a frame builder or something? it looks great.

Ralph has altered other frames mainly.

He once repaired a Fuji Track frame's seat tube and added a "Iver Johnson" truss. He is also really into recumbent bikes and has made some of his own, including the frames. Good Guy.

Nice back breaker :-) looks

Nice back breaker :-) looks great!!!


Almost gave up on this one. Glad I didn't.

Magnificent work!

Magnificent work!

Thanks for the kind words

I'm glad the pieces went well together.

I have that same saddle!

I have that same saddle! Never seen anyone else with it (yet) but it's quite comfortable. Niiice ride you got here.

I think it's a pretty rare saddle.

Low-key compared to the gold trimmed Rolls, yet just as comfortable. Oh, and thanks. Glad you like it.

kinda jealous

I really wish my Rolls wasn't gold accented, I always hesitate putting it on bikes(must be less anal about colors :P)

You got the Rolls on

the Raleigh now? I think it looks great on that bike. You are right about the gold trim though. If this saddle was a Rolls, I'd probably save it for another build.

I used

To have a custom made Harry Quinn Criterium bike which was finished in Chrome yellow. A jewel as harry said when I picked it up. Miss that frame now.
Yours is a delight. I once saw one like this that was copper plated. It was a beauty.


Kindest regards


Thank you for your kind comments

I've noticed there aren't many Harry Quinns to be seen. When you do see them, they are usually gorgeous. Mr Quinn was an awesome frame maker.

That's one tough ride.

That's one tough ride. Sweet! But don't you think the frame is older? Looks like it judging by the fork crown and lugs.

Yes, you are probably right.

I will do a bit more research and find out. The fork crown is quite distinctive. Oh, and thank you. Really means alot coming from someone with such a exceptional collection.


put together!

Thank you...

I'm glad the risers and Deep Vs did not go on this one. It would have been more comfortable and maybe more stylish, but not appropriate.

Who needs

comfort when you are barreling headfirst towards certain death at uncertain speed(or have a sweet Colnago to relax on as well)

Hey, you know how it is...

when you go for a ride on your Klein.

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