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Bottecchia SL Chorus

Bike tags: Road bike | 56cm | Bottecchia Professional | chorus | Columbus SL
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56 cm SL, 1987

3t, Cinelli


mavic open pro, Chorus

mavic open pro, Chorus



VP R61 spd

Campa made 8spd (Sachs), Chorus

monoplaner Chorus

8-speed Record

Got this bike on thanksgiving day, instead of chocholate eggs, from a good friend, that had no intention riding it any more. His wife wanted to throw it out in a garbage. It had Dura Ace parts on it (74XX), but just finished (8.2014) re-build with Campa Chorus 1st Gen stuff, which fit it much better.

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1st Gen Chorus

So classy with the vintage Campagnolo components. Definitely drooling over the pic of your Bottecchia.

More than Nice!

This is one of the best looking bikes I've seen! Good job!


Thanks for the complement. I have finished, after a year of finding parts, a 96'Bianchi EL-OS, celeste of course. Its interesting, friends that come over, mostly choose the Bianchi as the nicer looking ride.


Wow that is one beautiful bike - absolutely love the lugging on it, shame they don't make em like they used to! ;) My neighbour has a Bottecchia 686 that he let me borrow one summer, he's selling it and I'm hoping he'll keep it back for me until i have the monies. Love to own some italian steel!


this is so cool. lovely ride. only thing i would change is the pedals. they don't really go with the rest of the parts.
hope it gets some miles

you're right about the

you're right about the pedals. These look like crap on this bike. I've made some changes over the time. Found a DA head set, different bottle holder, and of course - pedals. Last year I put on the bike 800 Km, not much, but for me its lots.

Your bike

Wonderful ! Never seen a Bottechia, here, in France ( Paris)

Almost Too Nice To Ride

I wish my friends would throw away things like this. Beautiful bike

That turned out really

That turned out really beautifully, good work!

Helluva paintjob. Nice man,

Helluva paintjob. Nice man, nice.

ZG mobili

I think it's just the same bike set up as from the mid 90's team ZG Mobili, with riders like Massimo Ghirotto and Andrea Ferrigato. Great bike!

is it possible that this

is it possible that this bike is from mid 90's?? It would explain the components, since they were produced till 96.Brakes are 7403, crank 7410 and it's 8-speed shifter. I thought, for the month that I have this bike, that its 1986-87.Hmmmm

Stunning. Excellent. Outstanding. Yeah, I like it.

Most likely mid-90's, if DA 8-sp was OEM, and the rear is 130. Those STI's were 91-92 at the earliest (that I know of). The 7400 series had a long life, from 6-sp indexed right through the 7410 stuff that looks like the 7700 stuff.

What's so super about those STI's is that they're repairable.


Always wanted one of these... And my size too :)


Always wanted one of these... And my size too :)

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