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rossin tt pista

to the eye

you cant help but look at this. it's awesome!

Flikr picture you may like


got first two bikes on that picture

I wouldn't be surprised

if you end up with the Bianchi Crono also. You are amazing.

i am proud to say

"i don't own even one bianchi"

Point taken.

I suppose if I had access to Rossins, De Rosas, and the like, I wouldn't fool around with Bianchis neither unless I came across one that was ridden by Coppi.

Nike bike in lovely condition & 'Agonistic Cycling'

Lovely bike, if original, the paint is in exceptional condition. If you can get hold of the book 'Agonistic Cycling' (before pulse monitors and SRM meters this was THE cycling training bible from Italy), you can see pictures of the first versions of these Rossin Low Profiles. Don't recall one with a stem off the bars though. I have a bike with a similar bar arrangement, was made to measure for me, but I found it always felt like it wanted to tip further sideways when starting out of the saddle than a bike with a stem in the conventional place (less leverage being exerted on the frame forks with the bars fixed at that point). My theory now is that that makes them take up a bit more energy to ride (at the start), but bikes like this do look beautiful.

This is..


no bad !!! just a dragster

no bad !!!
just a dragster

will you

please start a Rossin museum already? This, your tak, and the lasers are by far my favorite.

nice set up

i'm sure this thing is killer on the track. well done

Dual bars

I'm trying to think of what bars would work best in a dual-bar combo...

Ape hangers?
Probably more practically aero-bars.
I got it. Flipped up drop bars.

SICK bike btw.


Beautifully insane. Or insanely beautiful. Whatever.

Shot at a great angle


just throw

some risers and bmx pedals on, and you're ready to go to the bars!



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