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_ALAN Super Record Pista Track Bike

Bike tags: Track bike | Alan | LFGSS | Olympics | Victoria Pendleton
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ALAN Super Record Pista / 1987

Cinelli Pista

Campagnolo Super Record Pista

Campagnolo Record Pista / Omega V / Veloflex

Campagnolo Record Pista / Omega V / Veloflex

Campagnolo Super Record Pista

Selle Concor / Campagnolo Record Pantographed

Campagnolo Superleggeri Pista

50 x 14

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1984 xr 250 I am really

1984 xr 250
I am really impressed. Particularly loving its 50 x 14 Gearing. Is it a damage free cycle?

can't tell if spam or not

can't tell if spam or not

Wow Dwayne, is this

Wow Dwayne, is this yours!
Just perfect (but should be black). I'm full of envy.
Strong enough for that gear?

this bike is..

straight fiyaa

"screwed and glued", but not tattooed...

Niiice biike! First "super record" I've seen without lug pantographs. Pointed lugs?

Diggin' the black hoops & hi-flange hubs. :) Solid.

New model

Yes, this is a later generation. See also the seat stays tops.

Superb build! : )


Great attention to detail - chain length and tension (a hair too tight?); rear wheel tucked in as far as poss; bar angle to ground; upper margin of bar tape; seat set back . . . everything! And as featured in racing trim - no valve caps! Very pretty bike. Appreciate the time spent on getting this perfect.



details, schmetails:

Bar angle and seat setback are a function of FIT, rather than aesthetics. [unless you're doing it wrong ;)] might as well compliment someone's saddle height...

Presta valve caps are useful only when tubes are uninflated (folded).

so, myah. (i agree, though. nice attention to detail.)

Near perfect (only minor

Near perfect (only minor detail: it isn't my size ;-)

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