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MacGregor - 2 Wheel Drive Power Trac

Bike tags: Fixed gear | MTB
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MacGregor Metalite ProFrame / Med / mid-90s



HJC Alloy / Generic rear hub (130?) / 26x1.50 / Generic MTB

HJC Alloy / Generic rear (tandem?) hub / 26x1.50 / Generic MTB

Shimano cheap 3 pc, alloy arms, steel rings

Generic / steel

Cheap / Cheap

Shimano SIS 6 speed

Lee Chi Cantilevers, levers


I've known of these mostly in the more expensive bikes, but just recently had the opportunity to pick this up. Very little wear, looks like it was garage art. Front drive works similar to a freewheel, only engages when you pedal, freewheels otherwise. Rear is the same; only engaging the cable when pedaling. Smooth riding, haven't had the chance yet to take it on the trails where the rear of the other MTB spins out or in sand.

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bike looks like a complete

bike looks like a complete piece of shit, but the 2-wheel drive aspect is interesting. would be cool to put some decent lighter components on it and see how it performs.


ride it yet?
I'd still love to buy this set up for my pugs!
Thanks, Sam

Wow, interesting concept.

Wow, interesting concept. Shimano did this? I've never heard of such a thing. Reminds me of the short-lived 4-wheel steering fad that appeared in the early 90s on some Japanese cars.

IMO rear-wheel drive is the superior drivetrain configuration whether it's a bike or a car. AWD has benefits off the line but then the extra weight and complexity just gets to be a drag. Still, this is pretty cool and actually would help in certain situations.

I don't think Shimano had

I don't think Shimano had any part in the design, they only have the drivetrain which could be swapped out for any. It's the hubs and the cable drive that make the difference.
While I agree that simplicity is best, I don't think you could simplify this further. The concept is off the wall, but in actuality it's very down to earth. Now putting it on a lighter bike with lighter components would be nice.


I could really dig buying that drivetrain for my this thing:
Oh, and you're in Iowa, too?!

This 2WD drivetrain

This 2WD drivetrain would be great on that Pugsli, but I think I'm going to take it out and see how it handles compared to my High Sierra in the loose stuff. Yep, I'm in Iowa too..


Alright, cool. Enjoy! I imagine you have your fair share of sand riding with the Mississippi and all.


weird. i cant imagine how heavy that must be.

38.5 pounds

38.5 pounds just as she sits. Not nearly as heavy as I thought.

No you can't. I may weigh it

No you can't.
I may weigh it just for fun, but guessing it's close to 50 lbs.

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