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2002 Deep Blue Makino Track

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Bike photo
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Makino NJS/ 52cm/ 2002

Nitto B-125 Crmo 38mm/ Polished Nitto Jaguar 120mm

Makino/ Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Campagnolo C-Record Sheriff Star/ Mavic MA3 36h 3x/ Veloflex Master

Campagnolo C-Record Sheriff Star/ Mavic MA3 36h 3x/ Veloflex Master

Sugino Super Mighty Track 170mm/ Hatta R9400

Kashimax Five Gold 8/ Nitto Jaguar 30mm

Gloria Track/ Izumi Super Toughness

52/18/ Suntour Superbe Pro Track/ EAI Gold Medal Pro/ Binda Straps

I think this is my favorite

I think this is my favorite bike from your stable

Old Pic

Thanks, although it is looking much better now. Back to white Benotto tape, half way up the handlebar with white Five Gold saddle. Other improvements include switching the blue Veloflex with regular tan walled ones. Got rid of blue toe clips also. A much more classic look without being too purist.

well fucking

pics then

Slow at that.

Just built another bike. You're right though. I better get on it. It's just that my priorities are building and riding. I don't have a flickr account.

you're a boss

skidding your veloflex's :P

Skidding is for fools.

I used to skid when I was a kid riding coaster brakes. My hard earned cash goes to framesets, not tires. Anyways, I'm always broke.

Hah fair enough

I used to skid the shit out of my Huffy Mudblaster. Skip stops and resisting are really all you need, although in the rain sometimes I'll hold one for fun :)

Nice update btw, this thing truly is sweet; the new pics do it justice and the change in background is appropriate.

OK, maybe unintentional skids

Thanks. I borrowed a better camera, so I couldn't just take off to a nice spot to shoot. There's way too much shit in the background. Mainly just wanted to present the bike with the swapped out parts.


lucky your not too tall! @ 5'11 I kinda missed the boat on most reasonably priced options for one of these cool NJS frames :/

Growing Market

I'm seeing a lot more reasonably priced Keirin stuff now. Larger frame sizes are showing up more also. It's the vintage Italian track frames that have gone through the roof.


That's ok with me, I'm good at enjoying what the market forgets about :)

That's ok with you because

you have a fine Italian road bike.


this is true as well!




I make that face sometimes when I ride it. Just got done lightening it up a bit more with Veloflex and Kashimax.


Sweet lug work :D and perfect execution


for the kind words.


Very Beautiful Makino Tyler! Paint job is just splendid!! Also loving those campy sheriff hubs! Are they NJS as well?

Thanks Ralph.

Wish, NJS Sheriff Stars would be the shit!

so hot. that color. those

so hot. that color. those parts. Bravo monfrere

Thank You

I like those aspects as well. Also like your Serotta and Strawberry.

you have gorgeous bicycles.

you have gorgeous bicycles.

Thank you

for the kind words. You have nice bikes as well, especially the Peugeot.

Thank you

for the kind words. You have nice bikes as well, especially the Peugeot. -Stupid lag made me enter this twice.

Diggin the paint job.

Diggin the paint job. Supa-fly setup.


Riding my Makino makes me feel good. Your Gan Well is definitely dope.

Damn..That is frigging

Damn..That is frigging lovely.


really means something coming from someone with a dope Bridgestone.

Holy shit this thing is

Holy shit this thing is delicious!

Thanks. I'm lucky

the roads are well-paved where I ride.

keep in touch for my new

keep in touch for my new Vivalo fotos

Yes, I look forward

to seeing your new Vivalo. The quality of your fotos is amazing.

Nice! Lets see some

Nice! Lets see some close-ups of that paint :)


it's gonna be with a Cybershot for now, so wouldn't count as bike porn. Maybe I'll catch some of the sparkles. Wish had a dslr w/ 50mm lens.

pron hsots :)

I'd love to take some bike porn shots for you! It gives me loads of inspiration for some nice shots. I just love this bike. It reminds me of the blue bike in a Shimano brochure that I dreamt of owning when I was a kid (the bike, not the brochure :)

Thanks for the comments

The photos of your Raleigh came out really nice. You must have a pretty good dslr.


Very proper bike

me like


Not as practical as your road bike though.


Black or gumwall tires!.?

I agree...

gumwalls do look the best, but I would prefer folding beads. Tubulars would be better even yet. The Zaffiro Pros were for some other build. They are light weight and have a high thread count, so I used them on this one. By the way, your Samson is really clean. The Nagasawa looked awesome too.

may I suggest

Veloflex Master 22's? I haven't personally ridden them, but they're the nicest folding-bead gumwall clinchers that I know of. They would set this bike off.


I'll definitely look into those. I am also considering Vittoria OS Evo SC. They're similar skinwall tires. I'll throw the white Zaffiros on another build. Also looking into those Map/Ahearne (Pope) bars. They looked sweet on your Kilo along with Mr McBurger.


yeah, the Ahearne-Maps are above and beyond all bars I've tried for getting around town. Definite keepers.

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