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COLNAGO super & Campy cinquantenario

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Colnago Super/ 56 / 1978

3ttt super leggeri, 3ttt "Colnago" stem

Colnago, Campagnolo SR

Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary 36h/ Campagnolo Record Strada/ Wolber 22 "Triathlon"

Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary 36h / Campagnolo Record Strada/ Wolber 22 "Triathlon"

Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary , Campagnolo SR

Colnago, Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary

Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary pedals and toe clips, Colnago straps, Regina chain

Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary

Campagnolo SR 50th anniversary

53/42 x 21-11/ "Ernesto Colnago" panthographed chainring/ Campagnolo 6x cassette

The frame is from 1978 but had already some anniversary parts on it when it came to me. Over the years I completed the group. This used to be my main road bike over 10 years ago. Now it's used for sunny sunday tours or coffee rides. It's such a fantastic bike!

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A classical beauty!

A classical beauty!

cable housing

What type of cable housing you use? very nice..

cable housing

It's some NOS transparent housing. I don't know if this is still produced...


you are missing a wrench.... But seriously very nice:)

like it ;-)

like it ;-)

Nice new shots

Like the new shots for obvious reasons, first being you can finally see this beast again; 2nd, the wonderful shop you have! While that lead shot almost puts the focus on the shop more than your Colnago, it almost seems fitting. Finally got my '83 Super in Saronni colors up and going with Campag SR and GL-330. Nice ride for sure and a crowd pleaser on the road. Yours is exceptional. Try a Ciöcc if you get a chance...

You're right again - I mean

You're right again - I mean with the lead picture. Maybe I will add an outdoor shot later. My eyes were on your Saronni before, I love it! By the way I do have a Ciöcc, you should check my latest built; it's a Concorde road frame and they were made by Chiöcc. But if I'd get the chance to buy one with lighter tubes than the Concorde and a "real" one, I would't say no...


Yes! So you DO have a Ciöcc of sorts. I remember reading somewhere that they made Concorde but now cannot remember where. I've not seen a Concorde close enough in person to ascertain the similarities in construction. I do seem some from afar. Ciöcc did make bikes of various levels of Columbus steel over the years. My real amazement comes with how well they do for really hard riding and how effortless they are with speed. I have another 61cm in SLX heading my way along with a SLX De Rosa Professional in 62cm just to compare. We'll see. Love your bikes and shop for sure, not to mention your nice vinyl collection!


Wow... you have one sick bike there!!! Beautiful!!!

agree.. the rims are totally

agree.. the rims are totally stunning!


50th anniversary super record... Period rims... Way cool bike, way cool...

hast den auf dem

hast den auf dem sonntagsmarkt auf dem nt-areal gefunden? ;-)

niiice, das ding :-)


...wenn es dort solch' edle Velos gibt, muss ich doch mal vorbeischauen!!
Dieses Colnago hab ich vor 7-8 Jahren bei Isï im Gundeli gekauft. Damals war nur Kurbel und Schaltung von der "Jubilee", irgendwann ist dann der Fetischist in mir durchgebrochen und ich habe Stück für Stück ersetzt, bis dass die Gruppe vollständig war. Falls es mir aber mal gestohlen werden sollte, weiss ich, wo ich als erstes Suchen werde =)

Haha...habe genau den

Haha...habe genau den gleichen Rahmen am Freitag beim 2-fach im Gundeli gekauft und mir als singlespeeder aufgebaut. einfach in blau, ohne stickers. und das für 80.-!!
wollte ein richtig schrottiges und rostiges ding haben, damit man es easy in der stadt rumstehen lassen kann. der verkäufer hat den rahmen aber super geputzt und plötzlich sah das ding superchic aus. werde bald mal fotos ins netz stellen :-)

Na, wenn das kein Klassiker ist.


Und wie, da werden

Und wie, da werden Erinnerungen an Sarroni, Baronchelli und Zoetemelk wach! Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, denke aber dass der Rahmen von 1983-84 stammt, die Komponenten sowieso...

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