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Teschner Track Pro 53 w/ Mavic iO and Comete

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Teschner Track Pro Mavic iO Comete Dura Ace Fizik Antares Ec90
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Teschner Track Pro Carbon , 53cm

Easton Ec90 , Thomson 110

Teschner Carbon , FSA BMX headset

Mavic iO carbon tubular . Conti GP4000

Mavic Comete lenticular tubular . Conti GP4000

Shimano Dura Ace 7710 , Shimano Ultegra 6500 bb

Fizik Antares 00 full carbon . Teschner Carbon seat mast

Shimano Dura Ace 7810 w/straps . Izumi Super Toughness


Took some parts off my Bishop, and off another one of my bikes. Did some buying / selling off of things, made some deals , and came out with this beauty. I don't think I'll ever need to build up another track bike .

The overall wheelbase and chainstays were bigger on my Bishop, which is why my chain is too long and not pushed in. Ill fix that soon .

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Only cat 4 with this gear?

Only cat 4 with this gear? I'd spank your ass with my beater pake with DA22s

good luck?

good luck?

Wow, you sure must be really

Wow, you sure must be really strong.

Not that strong, I just got

Not that strong, I just got a really good deal on the wheels, and I prefer the look of zen rings. I sold the wheels and they paid for my entire road bike.

aren't you like cat 4? the

aren't you like cat 4? the fuck

who the fuck cares what cat

who the fuck cares what cat he is?

yes cat4. Wheels are now

yes cat4. Wheels are now sold, and they paid for my complete road bike.

Finally found one!

Finally found one!

Mavic Io Kills

Mavic Io Kills


I think the fact of the matter is that you actually put straps on your clipless that really hammers down the fact that you are biting off more than you can chew.

Unless you're somehow powering out 2000 watt sprints a la Bos/Hoy/Bauge, which I highly, highly doubt, y'all is wearing big daddy's clothes when you're still in diapers.

Also not to further rain, but you do know that the iO front is designed for indoor 'dromes in mind, right?

I bought the pedals off a

I bought the pedals off a friend of mine , who won 3 national titles and a silver in worlds, I didnt really have a reason to take off the straps. I've never accidently popped out , but I may just leave them on.

At my local track, where several elite / olympic contender racers train, over a dozen use the iO , and we have an outdoor track. The iO is not meant for indoor use only, the comete front disc is though.

Matt what velodrome do you

Matt what velodrome do you ride at? Isn't the closest one to Baltimore Trexeltown?

yeah t-town, a little over 2

yeah t-town, a little over 2 hours away . Several guys using iO's there . I guess no one on the internet told them not to use them outdoors !


Mean track machine!
Just love how the teschner track pro looks.
Now people will expect you to win a lot of races with all the carbon under your ass ;)

fuck these haters seriously.

fuck these haters seriously. Even if you are just an amature racer, if you have passion for riding, have the money to spend, just buy the stuff you like and makes you happy. i sure know i do.

Still want one of these Teschners.

well shit...

if it isn't fucking batman... -___-

one more thing...

how's that strap+spd-sl rigamajig working for you? i might want to try that for myself..


All that carbon and you throw a Thomson stem on this thing".. Fail,!

Awesome I love all your

Awesome I love all your frames!


my question is, why did you go from a full custom bishop at 56.5cm to a 53cm stock frame? isn't the fit much different / better on the bishop?

p.s. i wish i had as much money to spend on bikes as you. dual hed 3's... zipps.... mavic io wheelsets.... damn

surprisingly, the 53

surprisingly, the 53 teschner has the same size seat tube as all the other sizes, just the top tube changes. The way it sits right now, center of bb to seat rails is exactly the same, and I just went from a 100-110 stem, might try a 120 . It actually fits quite nice . I don't have a lot of money, I sold the hed's and bought the zipps, sold the zipps and bought the mavics.


I can't believe that you could afford them by simply selling the Zipps and maybe adding a little bit. These wheels cost a fortune! I'd love to have such wheels one day but it's impossible for three reasons: too expensive, no track nearby, shitty polish roads. I would have to move to another country and get a really good job to get them.

I'm just going to break down

I'm just going to break down the hate;

- You went from a top of the line custom steel frame built for your dimensions to a stock geometry Taiwanese frame.
- You've raced one season of track and you've already spent ten thousand dollars on your bike.
- You are a 'Fred' in the most perfect sense and you need to stop worrying about gear so much or move to Japan already.

I'm not going to let anybody tell me that I'm jealous or anything like that because I am completely happy with my track bike, but when you're going out and buying a new frame and wheels when you've already had a Bishop custom, Zipp 808's and a disc, and all whole sorts of highend track gear that don't benefit you all that much in the bigger scheme of things.

So bring me my come up'ings, but I'll stand by my comments on this one.

Ok, I'll now "break down"

Ok, I'll now "break down" your "break down".

First , Peter teschner designed the frame from the ground up. It's a closed mould design, not a off the shelf Taiwanese frame.
I still love my bishop, but the slack seat tube made it a little hard to get "on top" the bike in my sprint. It's my commuter now.
I didn't spend 10,000 on this, not 5,000 or even half that.
I sold the zipp 808 and zipp disc which paid for almost the complete bike.
Thanks for telling me how to spend my money.
Oh yeah, you mad.

- I'll agree with you that


- I'll agree with you that Peter Teschner designed the frame from the ground up as a spec'ed carbon track frame, but it's still not a custom frame designed for your body with tubes selected for your desires. It's just some carbon that some guy puts together with a picture telling him what to do.

- Why did you decide to go with a 72 degree seattube then? Seems a little slack for a track frame in the first place...

- I'm satisfied that you got a good deal on the whole bike, but you're a novice high Category racer. You're focusing too much on the gear (and for that matter, making me focus too much on your gear, which is a waste of my time) and acting like a total 'Fred' or a sneaker-freaking, bar-hopping, fashionista that views his bikes more of a status symbol or accessory than a bike. I understand the desire to have 'the best,' always, but there is a certain point when you cross a line and you make yourself look foolish. This is one of those times.

- You may have sold those, but you bought them in the first place, thus de-bunking your logic.

- And I'll stop telling your how to spend your money, it's not my right to do that to you, but by posting these pictures on a public forum, I have all right to say what I would like to say about them.

Deal with it / Over it.

True , I havent been racing

True , I havent been racing a very long time, but on days Im not in the gym doing squats , leg press and other work outs, Im on the trainer or the bike . You only live once, and if expensive bikes make me happy ( and any bit faster) than mission accomplished. Even if its just a mental thing , maybe itll make me push myself farther.

deermatt, ride your bike and

deermatt, ride your bike and be happy and I'll do the same.

The internet just brings out the beef in me.

jealous much?

I'm sensing some intense repressed jealousy here. If you think you're not envious, you need a psychologist.

Sucks when someone else can afford a better bike than you, doesn't it?

I completely agree with

I completely agree with this, sorry albiesh. I understand where you are coming from, but look at what people do with cars and do to cars. I will forever own a acura integra that is probably worth 1,500 dollars right now, and continue to spend thousands on bikes and bike related gear. Why? Because I enjoy bikes more than cars. People out there spend lavishly on a shit lot of worthless crap.

If matt is actually using this bike on the track (not like those clowns who use a Porsche or whatever to commute to work 15 mins) that says a lot more than him just trying to show off some kind of fashion accessories. People all over this country buy thousands of dollars worth of things that they never use, that they dont appreciate, or that they don't use for their intended purposes. Matt is, he deserves that much

Shout out to Bodymore by the

Shout out to Bodymore by the way. I am far enough to be safe, but close enough to appreciate...but then again with the news in DC lately, I am not too sure anymore

Submitted by deermatt on

Submitted by deermatt on 09/21/2010.

Thanks , you dont need a aluminum or carbon frame to be high end and ride great :)


My bishop is still high end

My bishop is still high end and rides well. I rode one
Of these, so I bought one .

Whoa :O

Whoa :O


I want dat

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