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1983 Red 56cm Colnago Super

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Colnago Super/ 56cm/ 1983

Cinelli Giro d'Italia/ Cinelli 1R old logo

Colonago/ Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record/ Araya/ Veloflex Record

Campagnolo Super Record/ Araya/ Veloflex Record

Campagnolo Super Record/ Campagnolo Super Record

Selle San Marco Regal titanium rails/ Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Superleggera/ Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record/ Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record/ Campagnolo Super Record

Regina Oro Freewheel/ Campagnolo Super Record


Absolutely stunning...Good job!


It really means something coming from someone seriously into restoring bikes as yourself.


Weren't you also looking at another Red Sarroni? what happened to the project? I guessed this was a tad large by the seat maxxed out forward position.

Other Colnago

Thanks for the compliment. My other one is a light blue '72 Colnago Super. It needs to be reassembled after the parts are cleaned up and tires glued. This red one is indeed a little too big. I still get enjoyment out of riding it occasionally. I usually ride the go-to bikes.


Nice and well put together, color too.

Cleaning Up Older Bikes

Thanks for the kind words. I see you are into cleaning up older bikes too. I still need to put together the '62 Schwinn Paramount Track bike the Stephen Bilenky repainted for me.


I love those frames. this is the ideal road bike for me.


You have a couple of nice bikes as well. Steel is Real!

not bad, not bad

that's about as nice as an old bike gets. I hope I am as nice when I get old. Than again, I'm not a bike, so I just get old and ugly, shit. Very clean and ultra mega super nice. Enjoy.

Hehe, Thanks

Hey nobody's getting younger. Bicycles do help slow down the process however. Thanks for the kind words. You have some really nice ones yourself.


That paint looks fresh! Did you repaint it? And did you get those world logo hoods yet?

No Repaint

Got the bike from the original owner. Really lucked out. Nice guy with a bad back, couldn't ride anymore. Just wanted the bike to go to a good home.
I do have a pair of Campagnolo gum hoods, but I might use them on another build. They would definitely look better than the red A'me hoods. It's just that the other bike has no hoods at all.

This is beautiful. Nuff said

This is beautiful. Nuff said

This is beautiful. Nuff said

This is beautiful. Nuff said


I see you have an appreciation for Italian bikes and Columbus tubing. Good choice in getting the Gazzetta.

Oh my, this one looks really

Oh my, this one looks really good.

Thank You.

It means alot coming from someone with such an awesome collection.


i beautifull bike....the colour is so bright.... just magic... hihihi
so is the gazelle..if you are inteseted in a gazelle let me know:)

Got Lucky

The original owner had developed a bad back and threw a figure I could not refuse. The Gazelle would be nice to own, but I still have several road bike projects underway. Man's got to know his limitations.

Dashing !!

Lovely, what more can one say??

Kindest regards


Thank you for the kind words. Took me a while to upgrade this beauty. I'm still looking forward to seeing your Colnago Master decked out with C Record.


what a beauty!! so clean... would love to see pics with the tan-wall Veloflex tires on it... I am planning on building a set of tubular wheels for my Pinarello, and am trying to decide on tires... the Veloflex Roubaix is one of the tires I'm thinking about...

again, BEAUTIFUL bike!! :-)

Thank You

for the kind words. Your Pinarello is a wonderful score. I agree with you on the tubular tires. Although they are the way to go, I had to compromise with Veloflex Record clinchers. They are very light and surprisingly feel a lot like tubulars though.


This Colnago is fantastic - I love it the way it is, even I'd go for another saddle besides your point of changing the rims is what I'd do. But why do you think it's from 1983? I thought they had another colour scheme then. I'm still wondering about the age of my Colnago super (also on Velospace) but I thought it's from this period...

I'm pretty sure this one is a '83

by looking at the fork crown, cable guides, club cut-out on lug, and decal placement. What is confusing is the color and the older looking decals. I just think there were two types of decals around this time. Your Colnago looks older, especially the fork crown. Again the decals are a bit confusing. I had a easier time identifying my 75 Colnago Super by looking 43bike's site. They really go into detail about Colnago frames of that era. Check them out if you haven't already. Maybe I'll get another Concor. Profils are sweet. Thanks for the compliment.


100% italian classic


It's almost there. I've thought about some Italian tubulars in the place of the Arayas that came on the bike.

very nice

100% classy

Thank you for the kind comment.

I think it'll be 100% once I get the white Benotto tape and tan wall tires.


Wow I love old colnagos,just sumpin about them,nice ride


I am really lucky to have this bike. You've got some nice bikes as well.


pure class... this is what i need

Yo, I peeped what you've got...

and you ain't doin' too bad.

Nice looking ride

ATB That is the nicest Colnago I have seen yet.The red with the chrome fork is just too tight,wow I love it.Every other Colnago I see here,a side from one other,is multi color tacky,just visually unappealing,to me anyway.Yours is super hot.

Thanks, I Lucked Out.

The original owner had a bad back and could not ride anymore and just wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate owning a bike of this caliber. I recently gave it a tune-up and replaced a freewheel that had a cracked cog, cleaned it up, and retaped the bars.

too nice?

I'd be afraid to ride it if I owned it. Maybe that's why the other bikes get ridden more. It's the only downside to owning such a museum piece.

Oh hey, bought a stem from you!

True, the condition the Colnago is in is pretty clean. It's also about a size too big to me. Plus I get more of a workout on the track bikes.

Where and Workout

Nice Colnago. Looks like a repaint. Where are the track bikes? I will argue with one point. While it's true you can get an amazing workout on the fixed gear, dont underestimate the workout you can get on a road bike. It's just a whole different paradigm and different type of riding, especially if your pushing yourself with others, working to able to push a larger gear at a much higher speed over a great distance. I love both types of riding and each has advantages though I think it's a misnomer to say a fixed gear always provides a better work out.

- kh

Bike from original owner,

so it's not a repaint. Abstrait, I admire both your knowledge and collection of bikes. Thank you for the correction about training. I'm just so used to mashing uphill and spinning downhill on track bikes. It's silly to some, but I find it rewarding. You got me thinking about training more on road bikes though.

My Masi Speciale

Ride it, don't hide it

Hey campystamp - i don't mean to waste your time but i saw you friended my fixed gear bike and thought of asking you something. When i upload pictures from my bikes they change to some completely random photos of bikes that i don't have a clue, where are coming from... Can you help me? I want to upload pictures of my bikes so people can se the real ones and not just random wrecks :)

I deeply admire your work with the bikes, by the way

You need to give your photos

You need to give your photos unique names and reupload them


Ride it, don't hide it

Thanks that helped (alot) -now i can finally see my own bikes under "my stuff"! ;D
Thank you so much!!

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