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Kinfolk Autumn         Featured Bike! on 11/26/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 57cm | Brooks | campagnolo | fixed | more tags >>
Bike photo
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Kinfolk / 57cm / 2009

Nitto Drops (Fujita Leather bar wrap) / Nitto 120

Kinfolk (double crown) / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Mavic 500 / Campagnolo Omega / Continental Tubulars

Mavic 500 / Campagnolo Omega / Continental Tubulars

Sugino Super Mighty / Sugino 75

Brooks Pro / Supertype

MKS Custom Neuvo / HKK

Super Mighty / 49-18


Really love your bike,
and seriously how is this picture taken?

unbelievable! great photos

unbelievable! great photos of this very classy machine.


Are you a magician? How does your bike balance itself? :-)


Great bike, with great pics. Finally got featured.


love this, would be even better with a nitto seatpost!

I agree


Grips is the hipster way of saying "I like your bar tape"...

No that's because they're

No that's because they're actually grips.





kifolk the most sickest

kinfolk the most sickest frame ever build

favorite bike on velospace

favorite bike on velospace hands down



i especially love the grips. very nice.


i especially love the grips. very nice.

Jon at Kinfolk

Do you know Jon from Kinfolk?


yes its me, John. I`ve finally joined velospace and added my bike.

That's really pretty.

That's really pretty. Everything just fits. I'm not usually a fan of fixed gear bikes, but this is really nice.


Very nice build and photos. May I ask what lens you used?


Zeiss 100mm Makro Planar for Nikon

great photos, and beautiful

great photos, and beautiful bike. very classy.

Can I ask, how do support the bike while you are taking your photos? do you use a block under the pedal, and then photoshop it out, or are you doing something different? I've heard of using a clear acrylic support that fits between the crank arm and the BB.

I'd love to know how you pullesd this off... again, great looking bike, and photos.

a stick

I used a stick and balanced it between the road and the BB. then its just a matter of using the clone tool on photoshop to erase the stick out of the picture.

everything about it


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