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1986 Schwinn Madison Track Bike

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this bike is a 1986 schwinn madison

soma late risers/SR royle

columbus/Chris King

suntour sprint track hubs

hand polished Sugino ALP track cranks

Brooks B-17 Titanium Sprinter

MKS nuevo custom/izumi

gripshift lever/Royal comp 3 calipar


Works great with side pull, amazing with dual pivot and down right scary with vee (travel agent helps shorten the cable pull). Its best to set these up so your wrist rolls forward to stop, NOT like a motorcycle throttle. Use the shifters that hold the cable end on the inside, not the ones that feed through the back side (like the MTX models). I run a shift cable in my personal bike (never an issue yet) but its a good idea and easy to dremel down the head of a brake cable to fit in, as brake cable is a bit thicker and stronger. And last dontforgettoremovetheclicker. There is a slight learning curve to get over reaching for the lever, but after that its great. Less reaction time, clean light, dependable and pimp. You get over the fear of accidental braking in the first few rides. So far, no fails have been reported back to me. I have been putting these on bikes in denver for a few years now.
Good luck!

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Looks pretty cool, are there

Looks pretty cool, are there any issues with leverage? I know sometimes when I'm braking on a steep hill I ease into the levers, then pull harder as I need to stop quicker. Does this operate the same way, like can you brake lightly to slow then crank it back to stop? Sounds sweet regardless.

That is the kind of

That is the kind of ingenuity that made us win the cold war. well done sir


Great idea but do you happen to brake unintentionally? I'm curious how tight/loose it works.

hOW! hOW!!!

hOW! hOW!!!

This is totally bad ass,

This is totally bad ass, never thought of this concept. Is it really much better than levers ?

who would ever hate on that.

who would ever hate on that. so fucking awesome.

Haha... I actually tried

Haha... I actually tried that about two years ago and it does work pretty well. I also tried bar end shifters. Works okay.

let the ignorant hate begin.


I was shocked

I was confused. I saw the shifter then looked and looked for the gears then i read then my jaw dropped.

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