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1993 Cannondale Track 56cm 100% Original

Bike tags: Track bike | cannondale track | nitto | njs | Suntour Superbe Pro
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Cannondale Track / 56cm / 1992

Nitto B123AA / Nitto Pearl 11

Original / Suntour Superbe Pro

32 hole Suntour Superbe Pro Radial Laced / Sun Mistral Tubular / Original Conti Competition 22

32 hole Suntour Superbe Pro Laced 3x / Sun Mistral Tubular / Original Conti Competition 22

Suntour Superbe Pro 167.5 / Suntour Superbe Pro

Selle Italia Flight Titanium/ Kingsberry

Dura Ace Clipless/ D.I.D

48x15 Suntour Superbe front and rear rings

One of my favorite rides. This bike is in immaculate condition, 100% original. Has suede bar wrap that is the bee's knees. Super stiff. I am the second owner but the original gave me the receipt from his purchase in '93.

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For sale?

For sale?

super nice man, what brand

super nice man, what brand of suede tape is that?
Looking for this!!!

I'm not exactly sure, I've

I'm not exactly sure, I've been looing for it ever since. It was SOO much nice then a lot of the suede out there

beautiful bike!! let me know

beautiful bike!! let me know when your ready to sell ;)

The daddy!

Gorgeous, I cant believe how good condition this is in.

very clean

i really like this build a lot. very clean! looks very fun. correct me if i am wrong (serious question) on that radial lacing, are the spokes suppose to be switched in the hub? rather than the spoke end facing in should they be facing out? giving "slightly better aero"? that probably didn't make any sense on my part but more of a question. none the less very clean bike. i like it.

i get what you mean

And yes, in my own experience of wheelbuilding the spokes are inserted from the outside of the hub. I did not build these up so they were left as is. Good eye ;)

they dont make em like they

they dont make em like they used to

dag yo. don't you have like

dag yo. don't you have like 14 other bikes as well?

yeah so

Hows Bakerfield amigo? You ever end up selling that tubeset?


I am looking to acquire a 56 cm Cannondale track preferably the original red. But love your track!!

My photo of my Cannondale

My photo of my Cannondale with the disc wheel installed just reminds me of your photo

All this Cannondale and

All this Cannondale and Suntour love.
This bike is so wonderful.


What size seatpost do all these cannondale tracks use? or is it different for every frame? Mine is in the mail and want to fire on a seatpost..



All around?

All of them?

Yep 27.2 What makes you

Yep 27.2 What makes you think some are different sizes?



Way to represent the 303.


Thanks. More bikes soon

looks fun

hope you ride it once in awhile!

of course...

I ride all of my bikes. I can't wait to throw my zipps on her and hit the track


yeah! good to hear :)

How much?

What did this cost in 93?? Receipt price before taxes??

Price before taxes...

on the receipt is 999.95


Just bought a cannondale track and it has the same stuff as yours as far as components but has mavic track hubs laced to the same sun hoops, did they build them earlier like this before suntour hubs? Same stem bars seatpost cranks but different hubs.. Anyone know anything about this..?


Suntour was the original setup.

There was no clipless pedal,if i remember correctly.


as far as I know...

Suntour was the original setup. From the info from others and catalogues I've seen on the web 93 was the year they were introduced... to the public. Who knows. Maybe you have a rare show or team bike that came out prior. Happens. I would email Cannondale and see if you could get any info. Otherwise it's probably a rebuild


Yeah also has mavic track drops and sun mistral clinchers which I have never seen.. Possibly a training bike...


Thanks for the cool info.. Great score!

super clean build man.

super clean build man.

cute. you need the seatpost

cute. you need the seatpost tho

that is

the original seatpost.


are correct sir

I thought they came with

I thought they came with American Classic seatposts? Beautiful regardless.

american classic

and kingsbery seatposts look nearly identical, the difference is very subtle. but the kingsbery is the original seatpost.

What a beautiful example of

What a beautiful example of a C-Track. Just pristine. Congratulations!!

Happy riding.

thank you

She makes me very happy

so awesome. how much did u

so awesome. how much did u pay for it?


enough to get a really really good deal

well congrats im jiealous

well congrats im jiealous

Would you trade for my 58cm?

Looks a bit small any chance you would be interested in trading for a 58cm? Mine is just about the same condition! And great pickup awesome bike!!!!

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